Best Backpack Brands 2017

Buying Guide and Advice

Best Backpack Brands: Buyers Guide And Review


There will come a time in everybody’s life when you need to carry some things around. What do you need to do: get a backpack to carry it! But buying a new backpack is never that easy. This is because you will need to consider a few factors such as size, compartments, comfort, durability, fit etc. These factors all goes into what makes up the best backpack brands.

You might be wondering what the need is for a backpack when you already have a fine handbag? Here is the point, the proportion of luggage you can carry in a handbag is very limited. Beside this, there is a limit to how long you can carry a load in a handbag, but a good backpack will help you appropriately dispense weight in the most comfortable way.

The best backpack brands almost always have all the above-mentioned factors and many more besides. However, the need to get something with which to carry your belongings about goes beyond just putting them in a sack.

You need to use a brand that can be relied on for the best in delivery of comfort and fitness. Beyond this is also the consideration for factors like design and reliability. Without much fuss, let me walk you through the things you will need to look out for in the best backpack brand.

Criteria Of The Best Backpack Brands

Criteria Of The Best Backpack

When looking out for good backpack brands to use, you need to consider two factors: you and the bag. As much as the axiom of ‘one-size fit all’ can be flown around, it does not work like that when selecting a backpack.

There is no one bag that will do well for every person and every occasion. Rather, you need to get a back that fit you and work for the occasion you need it for. So, let’s first talk about criteria that touch on ‘you’ the prospective user.

Your Considerations For The Best Backpack Brands

Does It Fit Your Lifestyle?

Yes, not every bag out there is designed for universal use. But above all, the lifestyle of the user is of utmost importance in the selection of what bag will be regarded as the best for them.

For you to adjudge a bag as good or best for you, you will need to consider how comfortable they are for you when running, jogging, catching a train or even climbing the stairs.

If your lifestyle warrants that you do more of stairs climbing or cycling, it is important that you get a backpack that will guarantee you the highest level of comfort while going about your daily routine.

Does It Fit Your Body frame?

If you don’t know, a backpack that will be good for a tall person will definitely be saggy on a short person and will be too small for a chubby person. So, when making the decision of which backpack brand is best for you, it is important that you give utmost consideration to your body frame.

For anyone, your backpack should not extend beyond your bum, neither should it be too short that it does not get to your waist. This is very crucial for even weight distribution. In the same vein, the best backpack choice for anyone must be the one that flushes with your body frame – not bulging beyond both sides of your back.

Features Of A Good Backpack 

Features of a good backpack

Just like the rules of thumb that guides your body when selecting a good backpack, there is need to lookout for some key things when it comes to the bag itself.

The Size

First things first, there is no way you can have a comfortable experience in a bag that is too big for your body. About this fact, you need to understand that ‘big’ is relative. So, the best backpack as per size should be selected in proportion to your body.

A backpack that a tall, slim person may consider perfect in size will definitely be awkward on a rather robust and not-so-tall person.

So, whatever you do, ensure that you make the bag selection as per size based on or in proportion to your body size: height and width alike.

Consider Zipper and Flap Design

Ok, so you have selected the bag based on how fitting it looks on you. And you have rest assured that it is good in proportion to your body size. Then, you need to lookout for the zipper style and flap design.

This consideration is crucial based on what you intend to use the backpack for. If for example, you intend the bag for an all-weather use, and you will be carrying electronics and gadgets in it, you need to that it has a good flap design that will keep liquid and moist out.

This ensures that you keep all your devices and belongings safe regardless of the weather condition. About the zipper, a good one can mean the difference between a confidence run up the stairs or a careful tip-toeing so that your belongings does not go flying out!

Padded vs. Non-Padded

Comfort generally means that you don’t have to endure your devices or belongings digging into your spin or waist bone. To avoid this, you need to look out for a backpack that is padded in the right places.

Yes, not all bags require padding and not all paddings are needed in all conditions. But the truth is that if you will be carrying heavy stuffs in the bag, it is important that the bag you go for is well-padded.

How do you determine a well-padded bag for heavy duty carriage? First the straps need to be well padded to cushion the pull of the weight on your shoulders. A thinly padded strap will only result in the whole bag pinching into your shoulders.

Having said all this, let’s take a delve into the lists of best backpacks available on the market today.

You should know this, backpacks are categorized into a number of sections that are purpose-defined. Examples are laptop backpacks, hiking backpacks, light-weight backpacks etc. so, this review and buyer’s guide will be focused on these categorizations.

Best Laptop Backpack Brandss

Best Pick: eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack

eBag professional Laptop Backpack

By its name, you will know that it is not just the regular type backpack. It is indeed a professional backpack for your laptop. Away from the ‘professional’ attribute, it is amazingly slim while still having the capacity to carry a whole lot. If this is not what you want from your best laptop backpack, then I don’t know what you want.

This bag is not labeled ‘professional’ for nothing. From the first sighting, it has this rather formal and no-nonsense look to it that drives home the feeling of trust and confidence in its delivery.

For its dimension, it registers some 18.5 inches in height by 12.75 inches in width by 7.5 inches in depth. This means that you can pack more into this bag than just your laptop. That is why some reviews places it somewhere between a compact backpack and an overnighters best choice. Even with all this much pouches and pockets, that bag only weighs 3.8 lb. when empty. To put a wrap on the confidence it oozes, you have a lifetime warranty on it.

So, for those people who have the fetish of carrying everything they will ever need even when they don’t need them right away, here is your best bet. It is designed with compartments and for everything from pens, small bottles, Wi-Fi dongles, business cards or any other sundry items that may come to mind at every point.

  • Water-proof and coated with chemically synthesized Teflon coat for water repelling and the safety of the bag’s content.
  • Designed with plenty pockets and inner pouches for storing and stacking many items.
  • Designed with zippers that can be locked for extra security of your belongings.
  • Crafted with detachable shoulder straps for easier carriage.

  • Slightly thick skin that makes it heavy to carry even without much contents.

Verdict: the eBag Professional Slim Laptop Backpack is a notch above and beyond the regular backpack you find everywhere. It is designed with multiple pockets that can allow you carry everything you need along with your laptop for any kind of outing. I is also designed with massive attention to details that makes it a choice pick in the pool of laptop backpacks available today.

Second Runner Up: Incase Icon Backpack

Just incase you are looking for an iconic backpack that will conveniently and comfortably carry your laptop and all other miscellaneous items, then the Incase Icon Backpack is your best bet. Ok, let’s put the pun aside and face the matter at hand.

 So, you should know this upfront, not all bags are designed to carry your laptop. This truism cannot be overemphasized. A truly laptop backpack should be designed to have fitting compartments for everything that goes along with the laptop: accessories, cables and cords, pens and cards etc. The Incase Icon backpack is well-suited for this purpose.

The Incase Icon backpack based on extensive and multiple test came out as a bag that is designed to fit the need of the contemporary and digital-oriented user of today. Whether you are a student and techie by the side or a professional that needs a whole of sundry materials to be carried along with your laptop for work, you can count on this backpack to deliver way more than you will need.

Instead of just having multiple same-sized compartments to throw whatever in, the Icon is a designated and precisely designed backpack that have specific pouches for individual things.

There are also the zippers for that helps you to get your things nicely tucked in and sealed shut. Then there is the highly personalized padding feature that make the Icon not only efficient in use but also largely comfortable for carriage.

I got nothing but love for this one right here. There is no limit to how awesome an experience this bag can bring to you as a user.

  • Has a rigid design and structure that gives the bag an upright appearance at any point in time – whether empty or filled.
  • The high-grade padding technology is super effective that it serves double purpose: keeping the backpack upright and for comfortable carriage.
  • Weighs lower than the average bag of its size.

  • A bit big and bulky

Verdict: regardless of the bulky orientation that the Icon Incase backpack may portray to a discreet user, there is a huge sense of confidence that the bag oozes. You are assured of a very versatile and exceptionally concentrated bag that is chiefly designed to be the perfect companion for you as a digital explorer. To wrap it in a sentence, this bag is the perfect choice for bag our present-day digital accessories.

Third Place Winner: Hedgren Connect Junction Backpack

In our present fast-paced society where everyone wants their rights upheld and opinions given credence, the Hedgren Connect Junction backpack has proven to one bag that uphold that liberty. It is chiefly designed to allow you to designate where you want to put your stuffs.

If you carry more cables and cords than stationeries, you have the right set of pouches and pockets to suit you. If the reverse is the case for you, there is no problems too.

Although, the Hedgren Connect is more of a techie laptop backpack that have multiple pockets for all your techie stuffs, it still fits any other need you may use it for.

For its design and build, it is made from nylon material that makes it well suited for keeping splash of water off. This does not mean that it can hold off a deluge, so you don’t what to place it directly under a downpour.

So, you want a bag that is as light as it is slim? Then, here is the perfect shot for you. Weighing in at only 27 ounces and having a depth of 4.7 inches, the Hedgren Connect Junction is way lighter than most regular bags and also have more space for your items.


  • Delivers a remarkable level of comfort to users
  • Has many pouches, pockets, loops and pass-throughs for you to hang all your cords and cables Well organize compartments.


  • Could be made with better water-proof materials so that it will be an all-weather bag.
  • Does not have an exterior water-bottle pouch.

Verdict: The Junction Connect will be favored by those people who fancy that all their items and belongings can be neatly arranged in the right places. Here is one of the very cool thing about this backpack. This bag also allows you to add, or remove any function that you deem fit at any point in time. So, with the Junction Connect, what you have is a custom-made backpack that can fit all your bagging need per time.

Best Travel Backpack Brands

Best Pick: Timbuk2 Wander Pack

Timbuk2 Wander Pack

The brand Timbuk2 has long been known for its very durable and superior backpack production. The brand took that a notch higher with the Wander Pack. This backpack is validly acclaimed as the best companion to have when traveling. It got this characterization based on its design and features.

First is the colossal space it avails users. So, you’re traveling and you feel like you need to literally carry everything you will need with you? Electronics, shoes, accessories, toiletries, etc.? No need to fret, the Timbuk2 Wander Pack delivers more than what you can get from a duffel or a suitcase or both combined.

Ok, so let’s put that in proportion. With 40 liters inside capacity, the Wander Pack measures some 15 inches in height by 22.8 inches in width by 7.5 inches in depth. There you have a compact yet robust backpack that can hold all that you will need in traveling. That goes to say that the Wander Pack is fitting for any kind of travel need.

Now, to take a look at the construction of the Wander Pack, it is made of some 420-denier water resistant Ripstop nylon. What this means is that you have a bag that is as resistant to deluge as it is proof of abrasion and tear. You will agree that those are part of the feature that makes it a fitting travel backpack.

Much like is typical with Timbuk2, the Wander Pack travel backpack has some interesting feature that makes it every traveler’s dream bag. Crafted with ample room of storage to contain all you need to take along; this bag is indeed a wanderer’s choice pack.

On the inside is a compression strap that works well to hold all your gears in place and keep them still. You also have some mesh pockets on the reverse side of the opening that works well for storing other sundry items like your cords, cable, adapter and other things that you will need for a digital travel.

It also has room to contain your laptop if you are a research traveler and need to do some work on the system. In a nutshell, you can call this one a digital nomad’s choice pick for travelling.

  • Designed with some well-thought-out pocket of pouches for everything.
  • The presence of a shoe and socks compartment makes it a great one for travelers.
  • It has a lifetime warranty.

  • Straps and Harnesses may faulter
  • There is no hip belt to hold the weight in place.

Verdict: although everything good have its downsides, the Timbuk2 Wander Pack is a near perfect travel backpack that any traveler can rely on. There are enough sufficient space to carry everything along and then there is lifetime warranty of the gear. So, you don’t have anything to worry about.

Second Runner Up: Mammut Seon Cargo

Mammut Seon Cargo Backpack

Picking a travel backpack is a very sensitive thing to do because it determines whether a traveler will survive or be stranded. So, when making the choice for the travel backpack that meets every of your travel need, you need to consider a one-size-fit-all kind of backpack and the Mammut Seon Cargo is your best choice.

For a traveler who’s worth his salt, you will agree that comfort is one of the factors that aid a good travel experience. Aside from comfort, your bag also need to be favorable in such areas as design, efficiency of space and effectiveness of straps. Well. You don’t need to look any further as these features are all covered in the Mammut Seon Cargo. Whether you are looking to go on a weekend trip or for an extracurricular outing in the woods, you can count on the Seon Cargo to pack all your needs.

Here, we are not talking about the everyday type of design in backpacks. I am referring to ingenious design from start to finish. For accessibility, the Seon Cargo has zippers positioned on its backside so that you can only access your items by pulling off the bag. There is one for security if you will agree with me.

Also, it is made of 600 denier waterproof polyester fabric that gives you a good sense of confidence that the items in the bag will be safe from moist and wetness. Just so you know, that degree denier in any fabric means that it will be proof to abrasion and scrapes. This make the bag ideal for travelling, visiting the gym or any other activity that require packing bulky items.

One other thing about the Seon Cargo that makes it a perfect traveler’s backpack is the DSLR Camera pouch at the top of the bag. As a traveler, one of the crucial implement to take along is a camera and the Seon Cargo has room enough for that.

  • Has a large main storage that accommodate everything you need to carry.
  • Designed with designated pouches for everything a traveler will need.
  • Made of durable and tough material that can withstand abrasion and wear that comes with traveling.
  • Specifically designed side pouch for quick access to travel documents like passports, wallet, boarding pass etc.

  • The main pouch of the bag is hollow and non-compartmentalized that makes you throw everything all in.

Verdict: The Seon Cargo remains the most completely fitting travel backpack that any traveler can opt for chiefly because of its great design in pouches for travel documents. It is what you might call a one-catch all bag for you.