The 7 Best Camera Backpacks of 2017

Buying Guide and Advice

[Updated 5/18]Photography is a passion for most people, and there is nothing as great as capturing every amazing thing that you come across. The next thing that anyone would want after getting a good camera is getting a good camera backpack. For some people, photography is a hobby, for others, a profession and others will still do it for fun something that makes it amazing. There is so much that comes with photography such as the equipment that you may have to carry along with your camera. Most people owning good camera know too well that a best camera requires a good storage space. This simply means that it is important to get a back pack that can fully protect everything that you have for the sake of your camera. One of the issues that bother people with good cameras is how they can be able to go outdoors and still have their cameras with them. The good news is that there are backpacks that can fully accommodate your camera and protect it from damages that it may come across while outdoors. There are numerous bags that are specifically designed to fit your camera giving you an opportunity to select the most suitable back pack that is your preference. DSLR bags differ from one user to another, and this is simply because different people have different needs when it comes to a pack. You should be careful to select the backpack that covers your needs and one that gives you all that you want. Keep in mind that the needs are different and what another photographer need may not necessarily be what you need.

The best camera backpacks are a great companion for any photographer who is serious about what they do. A good backpack allows you to securely protect your camera and give you ultimate comfort for the period that you will be outdoors. It is quite obvious that a good dslr backpack should have features that are can fully protect it and one that will keep it safe. There has been development in the back pack technology in the recent few years allowing you to choose a dslr backpack of your choice. With the consideration that there are numerous manufacturers in the camera backpack industry, you will have a variety to choose from. The more the manufacturers there are in the market the more the options that you have and the higher the chances of getting a wrong back pack. This is an indication that you may need to take extra care whenever you are settling for your dslr backpack to avoid getting one that will disappoint you. The following tips may help you in getting the right back pack that will serve you well and one that will not disappoint you.

  • Considerations to make before settling for a camera backpack

It is obvious that any good photographer has a clear set of goals on the location that they would want to take their shots. A good DSLR backpack accommodates all your camera gear but you also need to consider the location of the shoot as it determines the type of back pack that you may need. Different terrains call for different backpacks for easy mobility as well as navigation. Some of the locations that you may want to consider include;

  • Nature and wildlife shoots

Nature shoots may not allow you to come too close to your subjects since it may not be safe for you. This means that you may need to use long lenses that bring the images closer for a great shoot. You realize that such lenses tend to be heavy due to their large size which is something that may need a large backpack to accommodate all the gear. You may need a larger backpack that is also comfortable and one that does not strain your back as much. A hiking camera backpack may be the most ideal for this case since it is built to accommodate large loads yet giving you comfort all through. Such backpacks are built in such a way that it is easy to adjust the shoulder straps as well as make other adjustments that keep the weight away from your body. Such large backpacks are designed to support the large lens as well as the camera while protecting it from damages that the camera may be subjected to in case it comes into contact with a heavy object.

  • Urban & street shots

Street photography is interesting and comes with its set of challenges due to the interactions that one is likely to encounter while on the streets. If you are more of a street photographer, you may need to get a dslr backpack that keeps your dslr camera safe as there are many thieves that may want to steal from you. A pack that offers easy access to your camera is one that may be great for a city photographer since it allows you to reach out to your camera without having to remove it from your back.  The most important consideration in street photography is security, and that is one of the things that any serious photographer should look out for. A slim version dslr camera backpack is perfect for urban photography since it allows you to move among the crowds easily without attracting any attention to your backpack.  There is a wide selection of urban photography backpacks that you can choose from that allow you to get the best out of a backpack.  So long as you choose a backpack that can accommodate all your stuff and which has a modern look, you will be good to go.

Top 7 Camera backpacks that are worth considering include:

Vivitar camera backpack

Suitable for: Street photography

Advantage: stylish

Stars: 4.3

The Vivitar camera backpack is one of the best that is on the market for people who would like to carry their dslr cameras in a lightweight and comfortable bag that make it easy for you to navigate through the city. It is a perfect street photography bag which is designed to give you comfort while protecting the camera inside. The good thing with this bag is the fact that it does not attract any form of attention to it since it looks just like any other cool bag that anyone can roll with. The compartments that you get inside have a soft and cushioned material which keeps every camera accessory inside the bag in a comfortable and secure way. The backpack is safe to use since it is designed with a comfortable fabric that is easy on your skin and which does not cause damages to the user. This is simply a backpack that protects the individual as well as the camera equipment together with the numerous storage space that you get with it, it is an amazing offer that you should consider adding to your collection.

AmazonBasics camera backpack

Suitable for: Street photography, nature photography

Advantage: large and spacious

Stars: 4.5

One of the features that you will love about the AmazonBasics camera backpack is the fact that it is large and spacious to accommodate most of the things that you may want to carry with you whether you are engaging in street photography or any outdoor photography. You can rest assured that your SLR or DSLR camera is safe with this bag. The numerous compartments that you get on the Amazonbasics backpack are roomy to accommodate both your camera and any other accessory that you need on your trip. Since some cells are adjustable, you get to be in control of the size of the items that you want to take along, and you can rest assured that it will have the right fit for you. Once your camera is safe inside the bag, you only have to worry about your comfort which is assured with the padded and adjustable shoulder straps that allow you to regulate the size of the straps as well as keeping you comfortable all day long. The bag can accommodate large cameras, and this may make it heavier thus the need for some padding to keep the weight from being much of a hindrance.

Acuvar DSLR camera backpack

Suitable for: Street & outdoor photography

Advantage: can hold two dslr cameras

Stars: 4.5

The Acuvar DSLR is one of best camera backpacks that is in a position to hold two dslr cameras which is a great deal for anyone who may want to try out professional photography or anyone who wants to engage in a serious photo shooting activity. The fact that this backpack can hold more than one camera and still have room for more accessories is something that gives it an upper hand and makes it stand out from most of the bags in the market. This is one of the few best camera backpacks that don’t wear you out since it is not only lightweight but packs compact making it easy for you to walk around with it on your back. The bag is not as bulky, and it becomes difficult for people to know what you are carrying while on the streets. You also get a free rain cover that fully protects the bag from water or moisture penetration in the event that you get caught in heavy rains or light showers. People who care about style may want to check it out.


Evecase camera backpack

Suitable for: multi-use photography

Advantage: A great and stylish look

Stars: 4.5

Being a photographer is one of the most exciting activities that one can engage in. This means that photographers should have a sense of style and have something good to carry their cameras with. The Evecase camera backpack is a stylish canvas backpack that stands out from most of the bags that you come across. Who said that a best camera backpack does not have to be cool? The Evecase is the ideal definition of a cool yet effective bag. The looks are not only good on the outside as things better with the interior part of this amazing bag. You get an adjustable interior that can be in a position to hold your camera and any other accessory that it comes with. It has been designed to discretely hold your camera without other people knowing exactly what is inside the backpack. This makes it ideal for different types of photography irrespective of the location that you intend to take the photo shoot.


Chrome Unisex Niko Pack

Suitable for: Street, nature & outdoor photography

Advantage: offers versatility in usage

Stars: 4.6

The Chrome unisex backpack has features that are quite amazing and ones that will make you love this back pack and probably consider having it as your favorite camera bag. It is a weatherproof backpack which means that the backpack is protected from harsh elements of weather such as water, moisture, heat, etc. your dslr camera gets ultimate protection from elements that may pose potential damage to it giving it a longer life. This is one of the few backpacks that offer versatility and one that you can use on different occasions and for different activities and still not look out of place. The bag makes organization quite easy which also makes it easy to access any of your lenses as well as any other accessory that you may need to lay your hands on. The bag is designed with an ergonomic design that gives you a comfortable backpanel and shoulder straps that keep you feeling best for as long as you are taking your photos.


USA Gear DSLR camera backpack

Suitable for: All apart from wildlife photography

Advantage: Comfortable back support

Stars: 4.6

Some of the best camera backpacks have more to offer apart from a storage device that helps in keeping your camera safe. The USA gear camera backpack offers more than that by giving you a weather resistant pack that protects your camera from rain which is quite amazing since the camera will be fully protected in case you get caught in the rain. The interior part of the backpack allows you to organize your camera, lenses and other accessories in a neat way and which makes it easy for you to retrieve whatever you may need from the backpack. It is important to note that the USA gear camera backpack is an amazing pack that is stylish and one which the ordinary person would take for a laptop back pack or even a college backpack.


Case Logic SLRC-206 SLR camera backpack

Suitable for: Urban Photography

Advantage: Perfect for SLR cameras

Stars: 4.6

Case Logic SLRC-2016 is suitable for most SLR cameras and is designed to accommodate most of them effectively. Most camera backpacks are only designed to hold a camera, the lens and a few of the accessories that one may need. The Case logic is slightly different as it also comes with a laptop compartment that holds laptops of up to 16 inches which is quite commendable. This means that you can easily carry all your office work and still take great shots on the streets. The design of the backpack is very discrete, and people around you may not notice that you have a camera with you. This is one of best camera backpacks that you should look out for if you are looking for a backpack that offers more to them than a simple camera backpack.