Thee 8 Best Baby Diaper Backpacks of 2017

Buying Guide and Advice

Whether you are a new mom or on your second or fourth kid, you know too well that one of the most important things that you need is a good diaper backpack. Finding the right one may ease all your worries and give you an easy time whenever you are outdoors with your little one. Changing the baby when you are at home is quite easy, and you may not get a lot of trouble in doing so. Doing so away from home is not as rosy as you would want it to be and you may get a little disappointed if you don’t have the right backpack that can keep all that you want in an easy to access manner. A first-time mom may get problems when selecting the most ideal backpack for their babies since they may not have a lot of experience with diaper backpacks.  This does not mean that consequent moms also get it right. As a matter of fact, most people keep on complaining about their diaper backpacks without knowing exactly what they need for their babies. This review will give you a few tips and guidelines to help you in getting a good backpack that is perfect for you and for your baby. The most important aspect of a backpack is the comfort as well as a good capacity that can hold all the things that you need for your baby. Some of the top features that you should look out for when getting a backpack for your young one include;

The storage capacity

This is perhaps one of the most key elements when you are choosing a baby diaper backpack. A large backpack should be large enough to store all that you need in a good way. A one compartment bag may not be ideal for anyone as it makes organization quite difficult and makes it impossible for an individual to reach out for anything that they may want. An ideal diaper backpack should be large in size and should have several compartments that help in organizing the baby stuff that one would need. People on their first baby may be astonished at the number of things that they may need to carry whenever they are going out with their little ones. Some of the things that a good backpack should comfortably accommodate include, baby creams, diapers, wipes, changing clothes, baby toys, changing pads and so much more. The mom may also need to carry some of her items such as drinking water, a hand sanitizer to keep the hands clean when cleaning the baby something to eat, etc. You may be thinking that that is too much to be carried by a single bag and wondering how big the backpack will be. Most of the good baby diaper bags are designed to fit all that but still maintain a good shape and design even when full.  One of the things that may help you remain sane with all that that you need to carry is when you get a backpack that has compartments that help you in organizing the items. This helps you in easily reaching out for what you need without having to remove everything from the backpack. The storage size that you need is dependent on the number of days that you may be spending away from home. You may need a large bag if you are anticipating for prolonged trips.


The quality of a backpack matters a lot if you are looking into spending more times outdoors. You can always gamble with other backpacks, but gambling on your baby diaper bag is a grave mistake that no one would want to commit. Imagine being outdoors with a broken handle or a zipper that is not functional. That can be one of your worst days, and no one would want to go through that on any day. Some of the best backpacks that one would get with the best quality may be a little bit expensive. Spending more money on a diaper backpack is an investment that every other parent should make for the sake of their children. The quality of a backpack all narrows down to the fabric. Cheaper backpacks compromise when it comes to the quality of the fabric and use low-end fabric with poor stitching that is more likely to disappoint any mother. This may not always be the case for all the affordable backpacks, but buyers should be careful when getting one or better still ask for recommendations from experienced mothers. On the other hand, most of the expensive baby diaper backpacks are made from better fabric that promises durability and great service. You don’t always have to get a diaper bag every time you get a baby since a good backpack can be used for all your babies. One of the reasons as to why every mother should get a high-quality diaper backpack is because you will realize that the bag is used on most occasions and as such a bag that can survive such abuse would be the perfect one.

Right fit and comfort

As a mother, being comfortable is key and critical since the opposite may end up giving injuries to the mother which may not be good. A comfortable backpack makes a happy mom as well as a happy baby. You may be torn between style and comfort as there are many backpacks that may be stylish but may not be as comfortable. Always remember that comfort comes before style since it is what you need to get through the day.  A comfortable backpack always has some sort of design that promotes the aspect of the comfort such as padded shoulder straps to keep the shoulders from bearing the pressure. You may also choose to settle for a backpack with a stroller which makes it easy for you to drag along whenever you get tired of carrying it on your back. It is also possible to get a stylish yet comfortable diaper backpack, and this is probably the most ideal situation that any mother can land on. If faced with one option, always settle for comfort as you may need it more with your baby. What makes a backpack perfect for your baby’s diapers as well as other items that you may want to carry with you is the fact that it leaves your hands free and with this, you can do other things such as holding your baby when walking, doing some shopping, etc.

Easy to use diaper backpack

An easy to use backpack is what every mother should look out for. Whenever you are going out with your baby, you may need to change them severally, and you don’t have the freedom to choose where to change the baby. When the need comes, it is too urgent to be ignored, and we know too well that a wet baby is never comfortable. An easy to use backpack should have compartments that are easy to access, and the bag should be able to open wide so that everything inside is within your vision making it easy to pick whatever you want quickly. Wide compartments are awesome since your hand can pick anything inside while the other hand is holding the baby. Narrow compartments make it difficult for you to get anything from inside the bag which may be a disadvantage when you urgently need to pick something from the bag. In as much as a baby diaper backpack should have various compartments that help in organization, the compartments should be large enough something that makes accessing items inside quite easy.


Miyo diaper backpack

Stroller straps: Present

The good: easy to clean

Stars: 4.7/5

The Miyo baby diaper backpack is an excellent choice for first-time mothers who would want to have something comfortable yet stylish. The pack comes with fifteen compartments that make organization quite easy. This bag is also ideal for fathers who would like to take part in parenting since it employs a unisex design that makes it ideal for both parents. An easy to clean baby backpack is a dream come true for most parents since the bag may always get dirty owing to the various uses that it is put to. The Mayo diaper pack can be cleaned with the use of a washing machine which saves time and speeds up the process. The best part of this bag is that the material cannot fade and as such cleaning does not affect the quality of the fabric. One of the benefit that you get with this bag is that all your baby items are protected in the event that the backpack gets submerged in water since the fabric is waterproof making it the best choice for rain prone areas.


Shona Quilted Diaper Backpack

Stroller straps: Present

The good: cushioned changing pad

Stars: 4.6/5

The Shona Quilted diaper backpack is an amazing pack that offers 11 storage compartments which are useful when it comes to organization of both the mum’s stuff and the baby stuff. The side wipes dispenser ensures that you don’t always have to remove the bag from your back whenever you want to access some of the wipes to clean the baby. The comfort of the parent should in no way be compromised since it may determine the mood and the attitude of the parent. The Shona diaper bag comes with padded and breathable shoulder straps that keep you comfortable all day long and diverts the weight from the shoulders distributing it to the whole body. One of the most outstanding features that you get with this pack is that it comes with a changing pad that makes changing of the baby easy for you and comfortable for the baby. This means that you don’t necessarily have to carry a changing pad whenever you are going out since the backpack is well able to handle that for you. The bag is water resistant which protects water from getting to the content of the bag which works towards keeping baby stuff all dry.


Yuhan diaper backpack


Stroller straps: Present

The good: High-quality fabric

Stars: 4.5/5

The yuhan diaper backpack is a stylish and colorful backpack that is capable of keeping all your baby stuff inside while accommodating the parent’s most important items. The compartments are designed in a way that makes organization quite easy and makes it possible to remember where you kept all your items. You also get to have a wide opening backpack that makes everything easily achievable and you don’t have to spend time looking for an item that is located in a deep hole inside the backpack. It comes with insulated pockets that keep the temperature of water or food warm for the baby. This is a feature that you would not get in most diaper bags since not all come with an insulation bag which is very important.



Hyblom diaper backpack

Stroller straps: Present

The good: Unisex backpack

Stars: 4.8/5

The Hyblom diaper backpack is a stylish pack that carries all your baby’s item while keeping you comfortable all day long.  The bag has an amazing design that allows both parents to carry it without looking odd and without attracting much attention to it. This means that both mummy and daddy can share the bag and both will enjoy having this backpack. Most parents worry about keeping their toddler’s food warm while outdoors and the Hyblom baby diaper pack provides the best solution for that since it comes with well-insulated pockets that maintain the temperature of any food that you may want to carry for your baby. You get a diaper changing pad that keeps the baby comfortable whenever you may want to change them. It is an amazing backpack that has much to offer and which is quite comfortable with the adjustable shoulder straps that keep both parents comfortable.


S Zone baby diaper backpack

Stroller straps: Present

The good: comfortable changing pad

Stars: 4.7/5

Getting a diaper backpack is one of the most difficult choices that parents have to make. The Szone diaper backpack is an option that is with considering owing to the beneficial features that both the parent and the baby get to enjoy while using it. 16 pockets are numerous enough to help you in the storage of all your items as well as the baby’s items, and you will not get a hard time packing everything up inside the backpack. The changing pad that comes along with the backpack is amazing when it comes to changing your baby while outdoors; you get to place the baby on a comfortable surface while changing it which also protects the baby from getting into contact with other surfaces that may not be hygienic enough.  The bag is water resistant which means that slight showers cannot affect the content of the bag and which gives you enough time to get to a shade and prevent water from getting inside the backpack. You also get to enjoy two waterproof pockets that protect items such as electronics from getting damaged in case the bag gets submerged in water. Since the backpack is stylish, mothers are likely to enjoy having it as a diaper bag for their babies.


Ferlin Multi function diaper backpack

Stroller straps: absent

The good: fashionable and professional

Stars: 4.7/5

The Ferlin multi-use diaper backpack is an amazing choice for people who may want to have a backpack that looks professional and which takes away the attention from the baby. The backpack has a professional look that is unique from most baby bags that you come across. This does in no way limit the performance of this backpack from serving parents. The pack comes with a changing pad which is a plus for you and your baby whenever you are outdoors. Due to the look that the pack comes in, both parents feel comfortable carrying it since it does not incline to a single gender making it perfect for couples who would not want to spend more money to get an extra backpack. The various compartments that you get enable you to store as much as you would want to since it is large in size and perfect to carry a day’s stuff for your baby. In as much as the bag maintains a formal yet stylish look, the features that you get are able to serve you and your baby making it one of the most sought after baby diaper backpack.


Sleeping lamb baby diaper backpack

Stroller straps: Present

The good: Comfortable and padded shoulder straps

Stars: 4.6/5

The sleeping lamb diaper backpack comes in handy for any parent that would want to keep their baby feeling comfortable all day long by having everything that they need close by. The design is perfect for both parents and can thus be shared between the mother and the father with both of them feeling comfortable on the backpack. Since the shoulder straps are padded, you get to enjoy a whole day’s comfort that makes you forget that you have a load on your back. Just like what you get in most of the baby backpacks, it has numerous pockets which are quite important for parents who would want to carry a lot of items for their babies. One thing that would make any parent settle for this pack is the fact that it comes with a high-quality fabric that protects it from getting damaged, the stitching is quite amazing and keeps the pack together meaning that this is a backpack that is likely to serve you for a longer time.

Imyth Baby diaper backpack

Stroller straps: Present

The good: Stylish and fashionable

Stars: 4.7/5

The Imyth baby diaper backpack is quite stylish for mothers who would like to have a bag that is different yet looks great on them. The bag comes with a dotted design which looks amazing and which demands for attention from people around owing to its unique design. The 16 pockets that you get with this bag keeps you going and enables you to carry both your items and the items that the baby would need during the day. Getting a changing pad for your baby is really amazing since it gives you a great platform for changing your little one in a way that keeps the feeling comfortable as long as you do it. You may want to keep your baby’s food warm during the day, and the solution is in getting an insulated pocket that keeps it warm for the baby leaving you with less to worry about. This is exactly what you get with the Imyth baby diaper backpack which makes the parent and the baby comfortable.



At some point, every mother will shop for a diaper backpack for their child and doing so with the right information reduces the chances of making mistakes. The choice of backpacks given above is a good place to start from if you don’t have any clue on what to get for your baby. Ensure that you get one that serves your purpose from the time that the baby is young to the time they can walk by themselves. We believe that the backpacks have a combination of comfort and style which is what most mothers would be looking for when shopping for a backpack. Whether you are a first-time mom or not, one thing that remains constant is that you need a good backpack for your baby, one that makes you stands out from the crowd. Get one of the diaper backpacks and enjoy better days with your baby and ensure that you have the capacity to carry everything that the baby may need during the day.