Best Fishing Backpacks & Tackle Bags of 2017

[Update 5/10]Fishing is an activity that can either be carried out for business purpose of for recreation. Both require that you have the appropriate gear so that you get the best out of it. Any serious person going for fishing knows well that there is need to have a decent fishing backpack to make the moment worthwhile. There is a lot that you may need to carry along with you with so that you don’t go back home without any fish. Good fishing backpacks should be in a position to carry or support a rod, a reel, hooks, baits or lures. A good tackle bag should be in a position to help you transport your fishing gear without wearing you down. This becomes possible when you get a best backpack that is part of you and one that you are comfortable with. You will agree with me that there are several ways that you can carry your gear to the lake or the river while fishing but nothing feels better than having a best fishing backpack on you. We have come up with a list of several backpacks that you can prove to be useful whenever you want to go out fishing.

Top 11 our favorite fishing backpacks & tackle bags

Spiderwire Fishing Tackle Bag



  • Water resistant: No
  • The good: Adjustable main compartment
  • Stars: 4.3/5

The Spiderwire is an awesome fishing backpack that you will most definitely enjoy having. It has been designed and built for outdoor activity to give the best service while you are at it. It is made of a polyester material that is very efficient in water and which does not allow water to get through to your items. The backpack comes with three medium utility boxes that come in handy when you have a few fishing gear that you would not want to leave behind. The fishing tool holder gives you a place to keep the tools that may not fit inside the backpack. You get some level of freedom with the main compartment since it can be adjusted to your preference. The Spiderwire backpack allows you to carry everything that you would need without leaving anything behind. The bag has a flat bottom that makes it stand upright this gives you an easy time as it does not always fall on the sand giving you trouble while you are fishing.

Life VC fishing bag


  • Water resistant: Yes
  • The good: Breathable mesh
  • Stars: 4.7/5

The Life VC fishing backpack has more to offer for people who frequently go for fishing. The pack is made of a canvas material that delivers quality and durability since it does not give in to abuse. Its weather resistant design keeps all your items safe from the water and there are chances that after fishing every item inside will be dry. This is important as all the valuables that may be inside the backpack are protected. The fact that this backpack can also be used for other purposes is great since it means that even when you get caught in the rain, everything inside will remain dry. The Life VC is bound to protect all your fishing gear and the internal storage is large enough to hold lots of the stuff that you may need. There are plenty of pockets that help you in organization in case you want to carry items that would last you for some time.

Anglatech Fishing Backpack



  • Water resistant: No
  • The good: Has a hydration water bladder
  • Stars: 4.6/5

A good fishing back pack allows you to carry all that you need while giving you comfort. The Anglatech backpack is designed in a vest like design that allows you to wear it around your body. This means that all the pockets are close to you and you enjoy having easy access to anything that you need. The pack is slightly different from what you get with most backpacks since it goes round your body instead of being on the back. The backside of the back pack offers you a large storage space to keep all your fishing gear. The backside is fitted with a ventilated system to allow enough air to get through to your back which increases comfort with this backpack.  Any adjustments that may need to be made are made through the shoulders and at the waist with the easy to use buckles found on the bag. Fishing is much easier with a backpack that allows you to carry all that you need without giving you much of a burden.

Fiblink Fishing Backpack


  • Water resistant: Yes
  • The good: Multipurpose Backpack
  • Stars: 4.7/5

The Fiblink fishing bag is one of the most comfortable packs that you can use for your fishing ventures. Apart from having storage compartments that are sufficient for storing most of your fishing gear, the bag can also be used for other uses. The shoulder strap and the back panel are fully padded which ensures that you don’t feel the weight of the load inside the bag and protects your shoulders and back from injuries that are likely to occur without the extra cushioning. There are ten internal pockets to keep you organized and to keep all your fishing gear right where you want it to be. The main compartment is able to hold your tackle boxes and you also get extra room for your bait. You can never leave anything behind with the Fiblink fishing backpack.

Maxcatch Fly Fishing Backpack


  • Water resistant: Yes
  • The good: Expandable main zippered compartment
  • Stars: 4.7/5

Maxcatch combines a vest style and a bag which makes carrying quite easy and comfortable.  You get a rod holder strap to keep your fishing rod intact and an expandable main compartment that is large enough to hold the fishing gear that you have. Since it is a waterproof backpack, everything inside the bag is protected from getting wet which an excellent feature that you don’t get in most of the fishing bags around. The vest is lightweight in terms of the weight and the only weight that you have to bear is the weight of your backpacks content. Since the bag is easy to wear and to adjust, you don’t expect to have any problem while using it. Get it today and enjoy the best fishing experience this season.

Wild River Tackle Tek Fishing Backpack


  • Water resistant: No
  • The good: Integrated LED light system
  • Stars: 4.7/5

People who engage in recreational fishing can agree on the fact that the Wild River Tackle fishing backpack is the best in the market for any of their fishing ventures. The bag comes with several features that stand out and that are quite unique making it easy for one to easily navigate through fishing without much of a hustle.  This bag comes with a protective rain cover that keeps the content of the backpack dry in case you get caught in a heavy storm. This is an outstanding feature considering that it is not waterproof. It is highly possible that you may want to go for fishing at night or even get caught in the darkness while fishing, the Wild River bag comes with an integrated LED light system that makes night vision possible making fishing possible even on a dark night.  You get numerous storage options to help in organizing all your fishing gear in a neat way and thus, things don’t get all mixed up in the same compartment. The Wild River Tackle backpack is pretty comfortable with the adjustable and padded shoulder straps and a lumbar padding to keep you feeling good while you while you are fishing.  It is an amazing backpack that is ideal and perfect for fishing.

Ilure Fishing Tackle Bag


  • Water resistant: Yes
  • The good: Multiple storage compartments
  • Stars: 4.6/5

The Ilure fishing tackle bag is one of the best fishing backpacks that would serve as a great companion when fishing. The backpack is made of a polyester material which is generally waterproof protecting the content of the backpack from getting wet. Fishing gear tends to occupy a lot of space and a backpack that has sufficient space for that takes the day. The Ilure backpack provides storage space to keep tackle organized as you go about your fishing activities. All your fishing gear, fishing lures, tools and accessories can comfortably fit inside the backpack without overloading it and while giving you comfort. The straps are padded to keep you comfortable all through and to enable you remain comfortable throughout the day while you are on your fishing ventures. It is a great bag for anyone looking for a spacious and affordable backpack.

Odyssey waterproof Dry fishing bag


  • Water resistant: Yes
  • The good: Comes with free smartphone dry bag
  • Stars: 4.7/5

The odyssey waterproof back pack is made with the toughest material that has a combination of the best features that anyone would want for a fishing bag. it is 100% waterproof and does not allows any water to get through to your fishing gear or any other personal effect that you may be having with you. The backpack is also sand resistant and you don’t thus expect to get granules of sand on the bag. It is also stain resistant and you can expect your backpack to look as good as it was new. You may want to take your phone with you and leave the large bag behind that may not be problem with the odyssey bag since it comes with a waterproof smartphone bag that protects your phone and prevents it from getting in contact with the water. The best thing with this backpack is that you can expect to use for many years for your fishing ventures, it is perfect since it is a water resistant backpack and it weather resistant so whether it is cold or hot, the content of your backpack remains protected.

Okuma Fishing Tackle backpack


  • Water resistant: No
  • The good: Large in Size
  • Stars: 4.3/5

The Okuma backpack is a top fishing bag due its large size that fits all the fishing gear that you may want to take along with you.  The fact that it is large in size does not limit it from giving you the best when it comes to comfort. The padded shoulder straps evenly spread the weight throughout your body ensuring that you don’t feel the weight of the load that you are carrying pressing down on your shoulders. The large size allows you to organize and store all your fishing gear inside the pack. You get to carry all fishing bait that you deem necessary and that you may need in the fishing process. Whether you are fishing in a river or a lake, you realize that there is not much difference in the gear that you will need. The common thing is that you need a backpack that keeps everything close at hand and which is easy to carry along. With the Okuma backpack, you are good to go for any fishing adventure.


Annstory waterproof fishing backpack


  • Water resistant: Yes
  • The good: Multipurpose and stylish
  • Stars: 4.1/5

Who said that a fishing bag cannot be stylish? Annstory backpack defies all the odds to offer an extra stylish and affordable multipurpose backpack that gives you more.  The pack is made with a waterproof material protects your items as well as keeping your fishing gear wet free. One of the amazing features that you get to enjoy with the backpack is that it comes with a foldable steel frame stool. This is an excellent way of spending your free time since the backpack not only gives you the storage location for your gear but also gives you a place to sit on while making your catch while on the river bank. Since this is a multipurpose backpack, there are many uses that it can be put to including being used for a one day adventure such as a hike or simply trail walking. It is one of best fishing backpack that would ideally look good on anyone.

Sak Gear fishing backpack



  • Water resistant: Yes
  • The good: Highly comfortable
  • Stars: 4.8/5

The sak Gear is what I call a close to best fishing bag owing to the rich features that it comes with, everything from the design, the quality of the material and comfort is all made to make you enjoy  your venture. Apart from ensuring that all your fishing gear is kept intact and safe, you also get other features that make this backpack stand out. Experienced people in fishing may want to go deeper into the water to get their catch. This is likely to make all their items wet and we all know that a wet backpack increases the overall weight that you have to bear. The Sak Gear backpack is awesome since it is water resistant and does not allow any water to get through to your item. You can navigate your way through the river but still have your items dry. A reflective patch on the back makes you visible while in the dark protecting you from any accident that is likely to occur if motorists cannot see you.  It is an awesome fishing backpack that can be used on different water bodies and will serve you conveniently.

What should a best fishing backpack offer?

  • Organization

One of the most important features that any fishing backpack should give you is numerous compartments to help you in your organization. It would be better if you get a bag that can accommodate a few tackles such as hooks, lines, sinkers, lures etc. This is because you may need to carry more gear with you for effective fishing. An experienced fisher knows too well that there are many ways to kill a cat and if one fishing method is not working then another method would be perfectly fine. A backpack with sufficient storage space is one that can accommodate all that while still making you feel comfortable and one which does not weigh you down. Some bags come with tackle boxes that make organization quite easy. You may have to be a little bit organized with a backpack that does not come with a tackle box in order to keep your items right where you want them to be.  A weather resistant backpack is ideal for keeping your gear since none get corrosion or rust and I am certain that that is not what most of us would want to happen to our gear. The number of the storage compartments that you get in a backpack determines the level of organization that you are likely to achieve with the specific bag.

  • Built in LED light

Most fishing backpacks lack this feature which happens to be very crucial for the survival of human beings. There are people that engage in fishing and don’t realize how much time is gone.  You may realize that it is late in the night and you still want to do some fishing, a backpack with a build in LED may come in handy at such a time since it is able to illuminate your location making navigation very easy in the night. Apart from that, a late night walk after fishing may put you in danger since motorists may find it difficult to see when it is too dark or too foggy. The reflective LED light makes you visible and you are in a position to evade any incoming danger.

  • Fitting backpack

This may sound like a cliché but is sure true. A fitting bag saves you from the strain that you would otherwise go through when having an under sized backpack. A fitting backpack keeps everything in place and is able to provide more support to the user. I assume that anyone looking for a swimming backpack has to make some trips to and from the ground they will be fishing. For this to be made easy, you will need a backpack that hugs your body to prevent it from moving up and down while you are walking or even fishing.  A top backpack allows for straps adjustments giving it the opportunity to better fit your body in case it is bigger your body size.


It is without a doubt that if you are active in fishing then you may need a top backpack as your companion. There are several options that you may choose from in the market but the bitter truth is that very few can be trusted to give you the best experience in fishing. Ensure that you settle for a durable bag that will still be useful in the few years to come. Since fishing bags are in most cases not used on a daily basis, you should not worry about spending extra dollars to get the best. This is simply because the best fishing backpack can last you longer and can make your fishing ventures worthwhile. Lastly, ensure that you get a backpack that accommodates all your fishing gear, after all, the essence of getting g a top backpack is having one that will serve you without fail.