The 7 Best Gym Backpack Bags of 2017

Buying Guide and Advice

We know that getting the right gym pack is one of the most challenging issues most of us face. You may get a hard time when you are looking for a backpack that can serve as a multipurpose backpack while at the same time serving as a gym pack. Not everyone has the time to go back home and change their clothes to get into the right attire and pick a pack that they will use in the gym. Some of us want to have an early morning workout before getting to work, and you realize that the backpack is the main hindrance to all that. We will give you a workable solution that you can make use of. You will also get some stylish offers that will make you enjoy every moment of your workout, at the end of the day, all we need is comfort and style. It is important to note that before you purchase a backpack, you need to have a list of some of the uses that you need with your bag to give you a clear guideline on the specific backpack that you will need. Otherwise, you may end up getting a backpack that has features that you may not need or having a pack that doesn’t have what you need.  Let us take a journey through some of the top backpacks this year, and you will probably discover what you have needed all along.

Convertible Black IGRU Duffle Backpack

Convertible Black IGRU Duffle BackpackTop feature: can be used as a duffel bag or a backpack

Water resistant: Yes

Rating: 4.0

 The version 2 of this IGRU sports supremacy 220 is perfect for any of your outdoor routines. It is specially designed for athletic individuals. This backpack is convertible and can also be used as a pack which provides multiplicity in the carriage modes. The bag boasts of a thick fabric that comfortably holds all your gym gear without tearing off. While not in use, you can fold it for easy storage which is one of the factors that makes this the coolest backpack around. To top it up, you get a free laundry bag on every purchase you make. What makes this backpack amazing is that you have a duffle and a backpack in the same package, so the choice on how you want to carry it is solely yours. The size is commendable, and you get to enjoy a pack that fits all your items.

Under Armour Unisex Isolate Duffel Bag

Under Armor Trance SackpackTop feature: Breathable pockets to for shoes and dump clothes

Water resistant: Yes

Rating: 4.2

The under Armour Duffel bag is amazing and the best gym backpack that is ideal for both men and women. It a stylish pack that is large enough to store all your gym gear in the same place. Armour is one of the leading brands that has proved to be exceptional in making athletic gear, and it has not disappointed in the Isolate Duffel bag. It has a 29 L capacity which is ideal for most people. The pack is water repellant, and you get to enjoy carrying it around even with heavy rainfall. The shoulder straps are padded to give you ultimate comfort, and it’s a cool pack that gives you excellent features that can compete hands down with great brands such as Nike.



Adidas Women’s Athletic backpack

Adidas Womens Athletic backpackTop feature: Spacious and roomy

Water resistant: Yes

Rating: 4.6

Women may at times run out of options when looking for the best gym backpacks that are stylish and perfect for working out. The Adidas Athletic pack is 100% Polyester, and as you can imagine it is water repellant. It easily allows you to cycle to the gym while it’s on your back and you will not experience a lot of pressure as it comes with a padded back panel that enhances comfort. Women love something stylish and one that can give them an easy time while organizing their items. The Adidas Athletic backpack has internal organizational pockets that make it easy for them to arrange their items in a great way. This is a backpack that you should check out for, and you will be sure that your gym experience will change.


Hika convertible gym bag

Hika convertible gym bagTop feature: can accommodate a laptop

Water resistant: Yes

Rating: 4.5

Lovers of both backpacks and duffel bags will find this very useful as this is a convertible bag. Whether walking to the gym or cycling to the gym, you realize that this pack has your back in whichever way you choose to go to the gym. If you have always wanted a gym bag with a shoe compartment, then the Hika backpack is perfect for that. The shoe compartment keeps every other thing clean and separates your dirty stuff from your clean stuff. The backpack is quite comfortable with a padded back that makes it easy to carry it around. The shoulder straps are also padded to give you ultimate comfort while you are going to the gym.


Nike Gym Backpack

Nike Gym BackpackTop feature: can accommodate a laptop

Water resistant: Yes

Rating: 4.5

If you are from work and would like to hit the gym before going home, you may need to have a backpack that can accommodate your office or class work as well as your gym gear. The Nike brand is one of the best Gym backpack model an is a masterpiece that has been created to give you both services while you get to enjoy your day without having to worry about how you will get to the gym after work. The multiple compartments in the bag help you in organizing your items in check whether you are at work or in the gym. One thing that you will absolutely love about this bag is the fact that you get a zipped shoe storage compartment. The backpack is generally large to fit everything that you may want to carry around.


Timbuk2 Iris Gym Duffel Bag

Timbuk2 Iris Gym Duffel BagTop feature: Roomy for dirty clothes and shoes

Water resistant: Yes

Rating: 4.3

Timbuk2 is a well known brand in the backpack industry and it an undeniably good brand that never disappoints. Timbuk2 has ventured into the gym world and is sure doing a great job in the market. The bag has spacious compartments that are perfect for separating your dirty shoes from the cleaner items that you may be carrying. What makes this an interesting option is the fact that it can be worn over the shoulders as well or across the body depending on your most preferred style. Smaller compartments on the backpack keep all the tiny things such as your phone, cash, etc. in a more organized manner. Get it today and enjoy unending convenience while going to the gym.


Weweon Lightweight drawstring backpack

Weweon Lightweight drawstring backpackTop feature: quite comfortable

Water resistant: Yes

Rating: 4.2

The Weweon is water resistant and keeps all your gym gear protected from a heavy downpour. It is a multipurpose pack that presents more uses to an individual which is the most interesting aspect about it. Something that always comes up when getting a gym bag is whether you will have enough compartments to store some of the tiny things that you may need while working out. Well, this bag offers plenty compartments that are very useful in keeping all that you need inside and all locked up. The shoulder straps are among some of the best that you can get in the market, fully padded and very comfortable. You don’t even need to worry if you have to take a long walk to and from the gym. The backpack is designed in a way that it offers what you need and above all, it is quite affordable.


You will definitely not miss something to take with to the gym this season. All you have to do is come up with a list of a few of the items that you may want to be carrying to the gym, and this will help you to choose one that will work for you. Don’t forget that comfort is key and is critical, you don’t want to get home super tired due to poor straps or a backpack that cannot comfortably handle the weight inside. We hope that the list was helpful in enabling you to choose the best of what you may need while working out. Some of the best gym backpacks have so much to offer and it is always important that the user considers the top features that will work for them. The specific detail that one may want may differ from individual to individual depending on a few factors such as the distance tone has to walk from their place to the gym, the amount of items that one may need to carry as well as the number of compartments in a gym bag. It is not enough to settle for a gym bag but what counts is whether you can settle for the best gym backpack that will serve you with everything that you may need. Some of the top most feature that you can settle for include the following;

  • Fabric

There are different materials that can be used to make the best gym backpacks in the construction phase. This means that all the backpacks that you see around you have are quite diferent as far as their construction is concerned. This is not to mean that there are fabrics that make better backpacks than others but simply means that they provide a variety of what to choose from. The price of a backpack may also differ depending on the fabric that has been used. The common fabrics that you may come across when settling for the best gym backpacks include the following;

  • Leather

Leather is a material that has been in use for the longest time possible as it was used by early man to make his clothing as well as other items. It is one of the most expensive fabrics that you will come across in the market and this is so since it provides durability, style and quality making your gym backpack to stand out from the crowd. Leather may not be water resistant but modern manufacturers are making the best out of it by offering water resistant compartments that can be used in thee storage of some of the most important items such as your electronics. Leather is a great fabric that can be used in as much as the price can be fairly expensive, you can rest assured that the bag will serve you at its best and you may end up having the best gym backpack in the work out place of your choice.

  • Nylon

Nylon is probably one of the most used fabric in making backpacks in the current day and age. Nylon is an affordable fabric and thus the backpacks that is makes is also cheaper than what you get with other fabrics. This does not in any way mean that it is worse than the others and that it does not make the best gym backpacks. As a matter of fact, it makes some of the best and most durable fabrics. The better the quality of the nylon, the better the backpack will be and the more durable it will be. Nylon is usually up to date with the recent designs as well as colors and it thus offers one of the best fabrics to choose from if fashion is overly important to you.

  • Canvas

You have probably heard of canvas or used a backpack with its type of fabric. Canvas is generally less expensive than leather and more expensive than nylon. Canvas offers durability and quality just like leather but it happens to be lighter than leather making it more preferable to leather. Get to enjoy the best gym backpack made of canvas material since it also stands out from the crowd and is a better option for people who would like to have something to use for the better part of the year and the years to come.

That is all about the fabrics, you realize that some of the best gym backpacks are made from the above listed fabrics and you end up enjoying a great time with them. Your budget may end up limiting you from getting expensive fabrics but you can always settle for the best which does not always have to be leather. You may want to get some reviews from people who may have bought the gym backpacks to ensure you settle for one that can serve you for a very long time.

Other factors to consider include the following;

The size of the gym backpack is an important consideration since it determines the number of items that get to be carried with the backpack. There are smaller hand held duffels that can accommodate fewer items to larger duffel bags as well as backpacks to help you carry all your work out material. The size is solely dependent on your preference as well as what you would like to have with you at the gym. People who wo rut far from where they live may want to take with them a larger backpack since there is a lot that needs to be carried such as their changing clothes, as well as their shoes. You may also want to settle for a gym backpack that comes with comfortable straps in the event that one may be walking for longer distances. Get a backpack with adjustable shoulder straps as well as those that are slightly padded in the event that you may be walking for longer distances.

It is always important to settle for a backpack with a good number of compartments to cater for all the items that you may need to take with you to the gym. This means that one should identify what they need with them in the gym before settling for a gym bag. Working out is quite tasking and can at times make you feel weary and when that happens you may need to have items that complement you and those that help you deal with some issues in the gym. The best gum backpack is one that comes with several compartments and pockets to accommodate all your stuff with ease.


The best gym backpack is one that serves the needs of the user as well as well as being a faithful companion throughout the working out schedule. Kindly ensure that you get a bag that gives you quality and durability, this is the only way in which you can avoid getting frustrated with a bag that you settle for. The options listed above are worth trying and will sure serve you at their best to give you a backpack that you will use for a longer time. Enjoy some of the best and top featres that you can think of with them. Remember that settling for a backpack is one thing and settling for the best is something else. Always ensure that you hit the two perfectly.