7 Best Hunting Backpack of 2017

Buying Guide and Advice

Backpack hunting is increasingly gaining popularity among people who love adventure. Hunting with your backpack as the only companion may be a little bit difficult for most people for the first time. There is always a first time for everyone and this should in no way trouble you in case you are planning to do it for the first time. The most important thing that you need while on such a hunt is a sturdy backpack. Irrespective of the number of days you intend to take on the hunting, it is important that you get a comfortable and durable backpack. You realize that you may have a lot of ground to cover which only becomes possible with a comfortable bag that has the proper fit. You may want to make some adjustments on the backpack and getting one that is easy to adjust will give you an easy time whenever you are hunting. For starters, you need to know that a backpack which has enough space to accommodate most of your gear is what you may want to buy. Unlike other Backpacks, you need in-depth information before purchasing a hunting backpack. Getting the wrong one may turn all your anticipated fun into days of agony. To save you from making a grave mistake that is undoable, we have gathered all the available and useful information concerning hunting backpacks. All the Backpacks reviewed have been tested to ensure that they give you the very best whenever you go hunting.

TOP 7 Our favorite backpacks for hunting

ALPS Outdoors Traverse hunting bag

Water resistant: No

The good: expandable pack section

Stars: 4.5/5

The Alps outdoorz hunting backpack is one of the best companion that you can have with you while you are outdoors making a kill. It is designed with a great support system that gives you comfort all day long with the padding system that it comes with. A hunting backpack should have features that help you out in getting whatever you need as fast as possible. The Alps has a carrying system that allows you to carry all your weapons including your rifle or your bow. The backpack is amazing for your hunting ventures if you are looking for one that is fully equipped to give you all that you need for killing game. One of the most outstanding features that you get with the Alps is the expandable pack section that gives you extra room for storing your gear. Considering that it is large enough, you may be able to keep all that you need for the few days that you will be out hunting.

Npusa hunting backpack

Water resistant: No

The good: Mole strap system

Stars: 4.4/5

The Npusa hunting backpack is designed for the individual who would want to take one or two days outdoors to get good game. The price is quite fair and affordable to anyone who would be interested in getting the ideal backpack for a hunt. Some of the outstanding features that you get with the Npusa hunting bag are that there is a mole system that allows you to attach some of your extra gear that you may want to take along with you. There are numerous compartments that help you out in storing the gear that you may need as well as some of the survival gear that you may want to take with you. In as much as the bag may not be used for longer hunting days, it can work quite well with a two or a single day’s use.


Badlands Pursuit Hunting Bag

Water resistant: No

The good: Hydration reservoir

Stars: 4.7/5

Badlands is a brand that is known for its hunting prowess which is undeniably at the top of its game. The Badlands Pursuit offers passionate hunters a backpack that is the perfect companion on any hunting terrain that one may want to take a chance on. Bow hunters will find this backpack useful to them since it is designed in a favorable way that promotes archery. You also get to enjoy camouflage which makes you invisible to the surrounding area giving you better chances of making a kill and making it easy for you to move without drawing much attention. Anything that you would like to take with you is made possible by the various compartments that you get with the bag not forgetting that you get a 3litre hydration pack that keeps you hydrated all day long. Good quality and durability are what makes any backpack stand out from all the hunting bags around, this is exactly what you get with the badlands hunting backpack.

Teton Sports explorer 4000 Hunting bag

Water resistant: No

The good: Multiple uses

Stars: 4.5/5

The Teton sports explorer is not exactly what can be described as a backpack that can only be used for hunting purposes, there are other uses such as hiking, camping, etc. that the pack can be used for. This makes it a bag that does not only come from its storage place when you are going hunting. Since the focus is not only on hunting, we shall focus on some of the features that make this bag stand out and why it makes the perfect companion for hunting. It is a sturdy bag that assures durability for as long as it is in use. Unlike most of the hunting bags that you get, the Teton Sport is larger in size and may not be of much help when hunting is being done in thick bushy areas. Whenever you are going hiking or camping and you may want to do some hunting while on the trip, the Teton sport is likely to help you out. It is large enough to accommodate the hunting kit that you may need while on the trip.




Mardingtop Hunting backpack

Water resistant: No

The good: comes with a rain cover

Stars: 4.5/5

There are numerous uses that the mardingtop backpack can be put to and hunting is one of them. It is large enough to accommodate your hunting gear which makes it a choice bag for serious hunters. The color that you get blend well with the natural environment making you invisible to the animals that you may want to hunt as well as to other enemies. It is large enough to accommodate the gear that you may want to carry as well as supporting of close to four days of any hunting venture.  Most hunting bags don’t come with an internal frame which lessens the support that you should get with the multiple of days that you may have. This backpack is amazing for all the listed uses and stands out as one of the best in this category. It is an affordable yet durable backpack that has all the features that everyone would like to have with their backpacks. The MOLLE webbing makes it a great backpack for people who may want to spend more days while outdoors since there is numerous gear that they can always attach on such an event.

Game Plan Hunting backpack

Water resistant: No

The good: comes with a bow tote feature

Stars: 4.8/5

The GamePlan gear full rut pack is an option that you can also consider for your hunting. Backpack hunting requires that you have a sturdy and reliable backpack that is capable of taking you for one or more days while providing you with all that you need. One of the most outstanding features that you get with this backpack is the Bow Tote feature that gives you a place to attach your bow for easier movement. It is a great feature that ensures that you don’t necessarily have to carry your bow with your hands which may be tiring. Organizing your gear has never been this easy since the GamePlan has compartments that help you in putting everything in order and in an easy to access location which gives you a much easier time.


Reebow Gear Hunting backpack

Water resistant: Yes

The good: multiple use backpack

Stars: 4.3/5

The Reebow Gear backpack is one of the few hunting bags that can be used for various purposes apart from hunting. It forms the ultimate hunting backpack with awesome features that makes backpack hunting an exciting activity for beginners and pros. The bag is water resistant, and you are assured that in the event that you get caught in the rain all your hunting gear will be fully protected and will not get in contact with water. Since the backpack has a large storage capacity, it can give you an up to three days backpack hunting experience, and the MOLLE webbing can allow an addition of extra gear. This may come in handy if you are thinking of taking a hike or even camping. The durability that you get is unquestionable, and I bet everyone would want a backpack that promises durability and quality and which can resist any form of abuse. The fact that it is made of a high-quality fabric makes it one of the few backpacks that can serve you for the longest time possible.

What you need to carry with you on your hunting backpack

  • FOOD

The food that you carry is dependent on the number of days that you intend to stay outdoors. Ensure that you take with you food that consists of the basic nutritional requirements. If possible, try to have a balanced diet on each single day that you are out hunting. You realize that as the days proceed, the trail becomes more challenging and you need to have a healthy and a strong body to overcome the odds. Make an estimate of what you will need to eat in a single day so that you take the right amount of food with you. Getting hungry while hunting is not even an option. The food should be carefully packed in the backpack to keep it clean and safe for consumption. The cooking gear that you carry should be kept at the minimum to avoid it consuming much of the space in your backpack. Hunting is a great adventure that should be memorable. Ensure that you carry all that you need while keeping it as light as possible. Water is very essential for survival and keeping your consumption between 2-3 liters per day will keep you going all day.  You may need to carry water purification tablets since it is impossible to carry all the water that you will need for the whole hunting venture. Water from a brook should be treated, and since it is a simple thing to do, you are sure to have it done within a few minutes. Most of what you need for your food while hunting does not occupy much space on your backpack.


Sleeping is the most interesting part of your hunting venture.  Getting the right sleeping gear gives you comfort and peace during the night. When purchasing a sleeping bag, you may want to get one that is within the temperature range of your expected hunting time. Cold nights will require that you settle for a thicker and warm sleeping bag to keep you comfortable throughout the night. On the other hand, hunting during the warm season may give you a lower weight load to worry about. The most comfortable sleeping gear that you can purpose to carry with you while hunting is the sleeping pad,  it is much lighter and easy to carry making it the best option for anyone who may not want to have extra luggage.  An inflatable mattress or sleeping pad can also work magic since it occupies minimal space on your backpack and it offers maximum comfort at night. The Backpack that you settle for whenever you are hunting should be in a position to accommodate your sleeping bag while keeping you comfortable.  A tent is also convenient for people who would prefer to have something more to their sleeping experience. Just like a hunting backpack, a tent should also be durable. If hunting is a hobby, you may realize that you spend more time outdoors and you will thus need a tent that can survive many years to come. The tent ought to be durable and made of the best material that is in a position to survive the different outdoor environments. With a tent and a good sleeping bag, you are certain that your backpack hunting will be memorable. Ensure that you get a backpack that has external attachment points to help in accommodating the various items that you may need to carry.

  • Safety

Whether you are hunting on the hills, in the open fields,  or in the bushes, the hazards involved are numerous and cannot be predicted so the best thing would be to have gear that protects you in case such a tragedy occurs. Ensure that you carry with you a first aid kit. It comes in handy whenever you get injured, and you need to stop an infection from occurring. Your first aid kit should have everything that can be used for first aid in case of an accident while hunting. The good thing is that a first aid kit is small enough to fit in your backpack. You may also need to have a good map as well as a compass. You cannot always rely on technology when you are out hunting, a good map and a functional compass will always get you out of trouble. One important tip that you should always remember is that you should familiarize yourself with the topography of the area that you plan to hunt.

  • MOLLE system

You will realize that a backpack that offers the mole webbing system is perfect for hunting since it allows you to add extra gear that may not fit inside the backpack. The main danger of doing this is that the bag may become too bulky and you may end up not having an easy time moving around with it. This implies that it is not often that you may have to make use of the MOLLE system not unless you are making a prolonged hiking trip that may require that you have extra gear for the sake of your survival. This does not mean that you don’t settle on the hunting backpack with the ability to carry extra gear. It is advisable that you settle for it since you never know when the need may come knocking at your door.  A single day bag capacity may not require a MOLLE system since it would beat logic to have a bag that can only be used for a single day with extra gear added on it. The size of the bag may also determine whether you will get it or not. Larger bags look great with a MOLLE system, but this is not the case with smaller bags.


You don’t need to be left behind if you love and enjoy hunting. A backpack that accommodates everything that you may need is what you need to get going. Hunting is a great adventure that not only revives the mind but which gives you the opportunity to experience firsthand goodness and fun of it all.  Get a good backpack, and you will be good to go on any day. Keep in mind that the backpack that you settle for will be your company in the next few years.  I’d rather you spend more on a backpack than spend days of agony while you are hunting. A bad and uncomfortable hunting experience is one that you should not want to have.  There are many options to choose from in the market, and it is possible to get confused when going for one, ensure that you have the specific details of the features that you would want in your backpack as well as the number of days that you would want to spend outdoors. This gives you a clear guideline of what to get and avoids the chances of future disappointments that are likely to occur when you make a wrong choice. A good hunting backpack should serve the very purpose that you want it to serve, whether you want one that can keep your rifle in check or one that stores your bow in a safe way is a choice that you may have to consider. With that, you will be good to go, and the chances of settling for a wrong backpack are out of the question.