The 10 Best Survival Backpacks Of 2017

Buying Guide and Advice

Some of the best Survival backpacks are also known as bug out bags and are probably one of the most important inventions in the backpack world. They are built with every possible solution to the problems that a human being is likely to face away from civilization. It is a perfect gear when venturing into an unknown terrain and which you don’t have the slightest idea of what to expect while you are there. Unlike other bags that focus on style, survival backpacks are built to make you survive, and fancy styles and designs are not part of what would make anyone survive out there. As a matter of fact, these packs should maintain the lowest profile and should not even have some of the bright colors that would easily sell you out to your enemies. Picture that you are in an unknown terrain and you probably don’t know the dangers associated with the place, the last thing you would want to do is inviting an audience due to the gear that you have on you. Keeping a low profile is what matters most in such an environment. I will take you through some of the best survival backpacks which you can settle for in 2017 and what you expect from them.

BLACKHAWK Lightweight Phoenix Pack

BLACKHAWK Lightweight Phoenix PackWater resistant: Not entirely

Advantages: Additional Pouches can be added

Flaws:  Nothing significant   

Stars: 4.5/5

The BLACKHAWK survival backpack combines durability and comfort which is exactly what one needs for survival. The shoulder straps are padded to offer the cushioning needed while you are outdoors. The ample space inside the bag gives you room to store all your best survival gear. You can always attach other pouches in case you need extra space for your items. It is a lightweight backpack mainly constructed with Nylon that gives it slight water resistance abilities.


CVLIFE Outdoor Tactical Backpack

CVLIFE Outdoor Tactical BackpackWater resistant: Yes

Advantages: Spacious compartments

Flaws: Nothing significant

Stars: 4.2/5

The CVLIFE Outdoor Tactical Backpack is awesome to people who would want something that gives them the military kind of experience. It is a combo of all the features that anyone would need for their best survival. Heavy rains are not a problem as the bag is totally waterproof and the content in the bag doesn’t even get a drop of water. The shoulder straps, sternum straps and the waist belt are padded giving you comfort irrespective of the load on your back. The internal compartments provide a large space that fits a lot inside, you will not have to leave anything behind with this backpack.


Wise Food 5-day survival backpack

Wise Food 5-day survival backpackWater resistant: No

Advantages: Comes with essential content

Flaws: Food not in single serving package   

Stars: 4.3/5

Wise Food 5-day survival backpack is probably one of the best bug out bag of our time. The next time a natural disaster hits you may want to have your survival bag close to you, it will keep you sorted for some time before help comes your way. The wise food backpack is perfect for that, as it comes with almost everything you may need to feed and to keep you healthy for five days or more depending on your consumption rate. You get everything from water, rice, a cooking stove, whey milk and so much more. You may want to add more stuff in the bag as there is enough space that gives you room to add that which may be important to you.


Sitka Gear Men’s Flash 32

Sitka Gear Mens Flash 32Water resistant: No

Advantages: Ventilated back suspension system

Flaws: Nothing significant   

Stars: 4.3/5

The Sitka flash 32 is ideal for hunters, mountain climbers, and hikers. It gives comfort owing to the padded straps that it comes with as well as a ventilated back suspension system that keeps you feeling fresh all day. This backpack is a lightweight type that does not give you lots of weight to bear keeping in mind that it has a large compartment that will accommodate all the survival gear you will carry, it also has various pockets that will help you keep all your stuff organized. The bag offers a quick release cable suspension for people who may want to have a gun or a bow.


CamelBak BFM Mil Spec Antidote Hydration Backpack

CamelBak BFM Mil Spec Antidote Hydration BackpackWater resistant: No

Advantages: Made of durable material

Flaws: Nothing significant   

Stars: 4.5/5

The CamelBak is an awesome bag for individuals who need something that is sleek yet offers the best as far as survival is concerned. The compartments inside the backpack allow for easy organization making retrieval of the items inside quite easy. It also comes with a hydration system which makes it easy to fill up your water. Multiple drink tube exit ports give you the freedom to access the water in the most comfortable way of your choice.  It is an amazing bag that would look great on just anyone.



The North Face Terra 65 Exploration Backpack

The North Face Terra 65 Exploration BackpackWater resistant: No

Advantages: Side entry to the main compartment

Flaws: Does not come with a water proof shell   

Stars: 4.6/5

You may want to try out the North Face Terra 65 exploration if you are venturing into an unknown terrain and survival is your main goal. The back panel has a ventilation system that allows for air circulation keeping your skin fresh and dry. The hip belt is padded and works towards reducing the weight pressure from your back to the hips which makes movement quite easy. The material is durable, and you can rest assured that you may not be buying another backpack for many years to come. It is a perfect pack that can be used for survival, hunting or hiking and is thus not limited to a single function.


Osprey Aether 70 Backpack

Osprey Aether 70 BackpackWater resistant: No

Advantages: External straps for securing heavy loads

Flaws: Nothing significant   

Stars: 4.4/5

The Osprey Aether 70 is specially designed for men who would like carry more but on a lightweight pack. It comes with amazing features such as the external hydration sleeve in the back panel that makes refills easy and protects the content from accidental spills that may be harmful to the products inside the backpack. For comfort, you will have a padded hip belt and padded shoulder straps that keep your body from feeling the weight on the backpack. The bag has numerous compartments that make organization of your stuff quite easy and you get to organize your items in a way that isn’t disorganized.


Osprey Atmos AG 65 Backpack

Osprey Mens Atmos 65 AG hiking backpackWater resistant: Yes

Advantages: Multiple compartments

Flaws: Nothing significant   

Stars: 4.4/5

Osprey Atmos AG 65 is a backpack that is designed with ingenuity and offers various features that will sustain you while you are out there. The pack features double compressions straps that help you in balancing the load on the backpack. This simply means you can carry all that you think is important for your survival while hiking or camping for a prolonged period of time. Comfort is assured as the hip belt is fully padded with the torso length being adjustable by the use of a harness. The backpack is water resistant meaning that all your pack’s content will be fully protected from a heavy downpour. It is an exciting bag that an experienced hiker should consider having.



Eyourlife Military Tactical Backpack

Eyourlife Military Tactical BackpackWater resistant: No

Advantages: Blocks RFID signals

Flaws: May not be great for world abuse  

Stars: 3.8/5

The Eyourlife Military Tactical Backpack is designed to give you what you need whether you are hiking, biking, camping, etc.  It comes with various compartments that make organization easy and keeps your items safe. There is a compartment that is specially designated for your cards and which blocks RFID signals ensuring that all your personal information is protected. Why this backpack can serve you well as a survival bag is simply because it comes with colors that blend well with nature keeping you hidden from any danger that may be around. The camouflage is perfect for wilderness areas as well as thick forests for people who may want to go hunting. The downside of this bag is the fact that it may not be able to endure lots of abuse on a daily basis, it will give in to the pressure.

Gregory Baltoro 65 Backpack

Gregory Baltoro 65 BackpackWater resistant: You get a rain cover

Advantages: Comes with various accessories

Flaws: Nothing significant   

Stars: 4.6/5

There are many factors that would definitely make the Gregory Baltoro 65 stand out from the crowd. It is a backpack that is worth buying if you are an adventurer that wants more in a backpack. It comes with great features to help you maintain a balance even with a heavy load as well as an internal frame which of course supports your back giving you balance. What makes this pack outcompete most of the best survival backpacks are the many accessories which you get with it. It comes with a rain cover that keeps your pack content dry in heavy rains, a removable daypack that you can use on a day to day basis while at home, a bottle holder and so much more that makes the Gregory Baltoro a great choice for you this season.



Consideration to make when buying a Survival backpack

It is quite clear that you may need the best survival backpack for so many reasons and the most important one is that this pack survives the worst of the situation helping you out while you are away from civilization. You may want to consider a few factors before buying a survival bag as it should be able to help you out in the worst situation you are likely to find yourself in. Keep in mind that survival is all about your life and you should get a pack that takes you through the days ensuring that you lack nothing which may be essential for your survival. There are important considerations you should make before making a purchase to avoid disappointments. Some of them include;

  • Comfort

Comfort is the number one factor that should not be overlooked by anyone. Venturing into unknown terrain for a given number of days requires you to get a lot of comfort to avoid fatigue and pains which you may experience if you are not comfortable. The best survival backpack should come with the following; it should be lightweight, although this term may be relative, it is important that you get a backpack that focuses on giving you the best without having so much weight concentrated on the backpack itself. This may end up adding lots of weight to the additional one which you will be having inside the backpack. The shoulder straps and the hip belt should be well padded to avoid injuries that can be sustained on your shoulders and your hip area. The impact of the backpack is eased on your body with  well cushioned straps. An internal frame backpack is the best option for a survival backpack, this is simply because it is body hugging and gives you stability while you are on the road.

  • Brand

Going for a good brand does not always ensure quality but ensures guaranteed services. There are brands that have been in the business of making the best survival backpack for many years, and the probability of getting a great product from them is assured. This is simply because the brands have passed the test of time and their products can also be trusted. The clarity of how major brands deal with returns, warranties, and repairs is well documented and you are assured of getting relevant and accurate information before making any purchase.

  • Capacity

The capacity of a backpack simply means the amount of content that the bag can hold. You get to determine the capacity depending on the number of days you may want to spend outdoors.  Getting it right means that you will have the supplies to last you for the days you may be away from home. For a three night trip, you may need between 30 – 50L, 50 – 58-80L for up to five nights and 70 L and above for extended trips. Hope this will help you out the next time you are settling for any of your survival backpacks.

  • Hydration Sleeve

A hydration sleeve may be very important when you are exposed to hot conditions and you are at the risk of dehydration. The hydration sleeve enables you to drink water from your bottle without having to open the backpack. It’s a great way to keep you hydrated during the day. The other alternative is that you can get a survival backpack with a water bottle compartment which is usually on the side making it easy for you to get hold of your bottle.

  • Ventilation

The last thing you need is a sweaty back when you are trying the best to feel comfortable in the wild. Just because you want a backpack that will sort out all your survival needs does not necessarily mean that you need to be uncomfortable. ENSURE you get a backpack that has a ventilation system, one that is breathable and one that will keep you feeling fresh throughout the day. The best breathable pack is one that comes with a mesh panel, it keeps you feeling fresh even on a hot and sunny day.

  • MOLLE Webbing

MOLLE backpacks have webbing on the outside that enables you to attach smaller bags on to them.  The bright side of the MOLLE webbing is that you get to carry more on you without much of a hustle. It’s great when going camping in a place you know little of as you may want to carry as much as you can. Most bug out bags have this feature which ensures that you walk out with all the essentials items which you may need including a backpack survival kit.