The 8 Best Leather Backpacks of 2017

Buying Guide and Advice

Leather is one of the oldest and yet fashionable fabric that has been in existence for centuries. It was used long before civilization and from the look of things; it is nowhere close to being abandoned as a choice fabric. One of the things that make leather durable is mainly because it is derived from animal skin which has the ability to resist any form of tear or wear. It can be used to create a variety of items ranging from belts, bags, and clothes.  The versatility that one gets with leather makes it stand out from most of the synthetic fabrics that you would come across. For this reason, leather is more expensive than most synthetic fabrics since it has to go through a number of processes for it to be ready for use. Just because leather is an old time fabric that has been used by man does not make it an old-fashioned material. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best fabrics that assures guaranteed durability and which is not even close to coming out fashion since it is still trendy even after centuries of use. We shall highlight several leather backpacks and what you expect to get from them. There is a wide range of leather backpacks that can be used by everyone in the family including, kids, females, and males. This means that with leather, there is always something for someone. Some of the few things that you ought to understand when it comes to leather include;

What you need to know about leather

First and foremost, leather is the most durable fabric and with the best quality. I am tempted to say that it is one of the best and affordable brands on earth.  Leather is a material obtained from animal skin, and in most cases, it’s derived from cattle hide.  Animal hide is taken through a process called tanning which transforms it into something viable that can be used in making a good backpack. There are different types of tanning that animal hide can be taken through to make it good leather. This is solely dependent on the company as different ones have different ways of doing things. You are probably wondering how this information will help you get a good leather bag, but as we always say, the information helps us make better decisions concerning what we may want to purchase. Some of the benefits that you get from leather include;

  • Style

Leather maintains it’s style even after going through processing. Everything from how the fabric feels and look is enough to give you a fashion statement. The best thing with leather is probably the fact that it does not wear out with time but retains its quality as well as style for as long as you have it. Most backpacks are made from synthetic material that wears out over a short period of time. Original and genuine leather will keep its look from the time you get it from the market or get better with time. One thing that most of us agree on is that whether it is a backpack, a belt, a jacket or anything made by leather looks much better than other fabrics do. This is probably the reason as to why leather has remained the best fabric from time immemorial. You can always get a leather backpack that is more personalized in terms of your taste since there are different backpacks that you can always choose from. When it comes to style, women have a more specific type of backpack that they would want to have, the good thing is that there are leather female backpacks that are quite stylish and fashionable.

  • Durability

The strength in the leather fabric makes it one of the most durable materials that anyone could have. What makes it a durable backpack is the fact that it is weatherproof and does not allow elements of weather to destroy the fabric. Leather materials are dust free and as such keep looking great all day long.  Most fabrics require that you treat them in a special way to maintain their look and keep the fabric from getting any form of destruction. Leather is different from such fabrics since it does not require any form of treatment to maintain its status. You can have your leather backpack, take it anywhere with you and handle it in any way that you want and still have a great backpack that still looks good on you. The last thing that anyone would want is having a backpack that can break at any point. Leather backpacks are durable and dependable making them stand out from most of the backpacks around, and they never disappoint. The process that leather goes through in its manufacturing process makes it resistant to most of the weather elements making it serve you better. Leather backpacks are generally expensive and the better the process it has gone through in its preparation, the better it becomes and the more expensive it becomes. With this kind of fabric, you can rest assured that you will use the fabric for the longest time possible while retaining its quality and durability.

Leather is environmental friendly

Think of it this way, we get leather from animal hide and in most cases from cattle. Meat is derived from cattle, and the hide is used to make leather which is in turn used to make different items and backpacks are some of the items that you get from the skin. This reduces the amount of waste that would have resulted if the skin would have gone to waste. Most of the synthetic fabrics make use of fabric that  is non degradable and end up polluting the environment which has led to a lot of problems to the environment. On the other hand, leather is environmental friendly since it does not go through a lot of chemicals during its processing and it is biodegradable. The chemical used in the processing is limited in amount since leather does not require much to become functional and ready for use. Leather is environmental friendly since it is biodegradable which makes it harmless to the environment. This makes leather backpacks not only fashionable but still great for the environment.  In most cases, fashion is not as considerate to the environment as it should be but the best thing is that leather backpacks maintain fashion while still being nice to the environment. People who have the slightest care about the environment ought to consider eco-friendly backpacks and leather is one that they can never go wrong with.

What will the purpose of the bag be?

The purpose that a backpack will be used for determines the type of backpack that you are likely to purchase. The case does not change when it comes to a leather backpack since the purchase that you make ought to determine whether the bag will serve you the purpose or not. Since there are different types and designs of leather backpacks, you are sure to get one that fits the very purpose that you would want it for. Just like what you get in other backpacks, there are a wide variety of leather backpacks that you can choose from, and most of them are designed to fit different occasions, e.g.,

College Backpacks  There are awesome college leather backpacks that are spacious and comfortable enough to carry all your books without putting so much pressure on you. College students appreciate stylish and fashionable bags that can carry all that they need and fit in perfectly. It would be awesome having a backpack that is stylish and one that stands out from the crowd.

Kid’s Leather backpacks – Who said that adults are the only ones allowed to have stylish backpacks, there are a wide selection of leather backpacks that kids can choose from.  Younger kids may not find leather appealing but this changes as times go since kids develop a sense of style and fashion as they grow older. Middle school kids are more likely to find leather backpacks appealing and will always make an effort to save for one.

Laptop leather backpacks – Early man could have in no way imagined that the same material he used to carry his hunting tools with could be used to carry an amazing gadget such as the laptop. Flash forward thousands of years and the same material that was used to make their clothes, as well as a weapon holder, can now be used to make a laptop backpack. It is quite amazing to imagine that a leather backpack can also be used for more official purposes such as a laptop backpack or even an office backpack.

There are various purposes that a leather backpack can be put to and are not limited to a single use. As long as you get the backpack that will serve you right for all that you need then you will be good to go.

How to identify real leather

Shopping online may save you from the trouble of falling into the wrong fabric that claims to be leather. Buying a leather backpack on an online platform gives you the opportunity to read reviews from some of the customers that have purchased the product. There are many people that know how genuine leather should look like and how it feels. Online shopping may give you the opportunity to get information from such people who may give you the confidence of buying or making an order for the backpack.

Shopping physically for a leather backpack may be a little bit tricky since most people don’t have the slightest idea of how leather should look like or how it should feel like. One of the important things that you should focus on whenever you are shopping for anything made with leather fabric includes the texture. Generally, authentic leather has a grain-like material that reveals pebbles and pores in the fabric. Apart from the most expensive leather fabrics, most fabrics have a more irregular and are imperfect since they come from an animal and which is quite normal since skin reveals a more irregular pattern. A smooth and almost perfect fabric should make you raise your eyebrows especially when it is affordable. This should raise a red flag since it is in most cases a synthetic fabric that has been made to imitate a leather fabric. It is unfortunate that most people purchase leather backpacks that are not as authentic leaving people more disappointed. Most manufacturers that deal with leather always tag their backpacks as real leather or genuine leather which may be a guarantee that whatever you are about to purchase is good leather. The smell of a leather backpack is unique from what you get from most of the synthetic backpacks that you come across in the market. Genuine leather is not usually cheap and getting a leather backpack that is too affordable should also raise an alarm. When shopping online, you can always check out some of the reviews to see whether different people have made any comments concerning some of the above tips. You will realize that the reviews will enable you to be in a position to select the best leather backpack. These are just a combination of methods that can be quite useful when you are choosing a backpack and a leather one for that matter.

S-Zone Vintage Horse Leather Backpack

Water resistant: Yes

The good: Holds up to a 17 inch laptop

Stars: 4.4/5

The S-Zone leather backpack gives you a vintage designed backpack that is not only stylish but maintains a look that stands out from most of the backpacks around. The bag can be used for various purposes, and it is one of those backpacks that does not have to be used for a specific purpose making it an impressive pack. Some of the features that make this a great bag is the fact that it comes with a main compartment that is large enough to fit a 17-inch laptop and other smaller compartments that can hold some of the important items that are smaller. This indicated that this backpack is perfect to be used as a college backpack and can also be used for official purposes owing to its large holding capacity. There are multiple ways that you could use to carry the backpack and the top handle looks pretty awesome and stylish, it is a look that you can pull off at any moment and still look cool. The shoulder straps are adjustable and thus accommodate different body types. This backpack is perfect for men who would want to have something that is unique yet stylish. Women who would like to try out something new would also enjoy having the S-Zone leather backpack

Solo Premium Leather Backpack

Water resistant: Yes

The good: Padded straps and laptop compartment

Stars: 4.5/5

The Solo Premium Leather backpack is made from Colombian leather and comes in a design that looks cool and is more stylish than most of the leather backpacks that you come across. In as much as the bag employs a more simple design when it comes to how it has been created, it attracts attention from anyone who sets their eyes on it. What you may love most of this backpack is that it is a comfortable backpack that keeps you feeling relaxed throughout the day. The padded shoulder straps relieve the shoulders from any sort of pressure that you are likely to experience due overloading the bag. It also comes with a padded laptop compartment that keeps your PC safe in case the bag hits a hard object. The fact that a woman or a man can look and feel comfortable in this backpack makes it a versatile pack that would look good on everyone. The internal lining gives it a more premium look and makes it easy for you whenever you are picking anything from the backpack. Leather is seen as a vintage kind of fabric, but the Solo Premium leather backpack has combined it with style bringing out the best backpack this season.

Bison Denim Leather Backpack

Water resistant: Yes

The good: Has a luxurious look

Stars: 4.6/5

Anyone who settles for a leather backpack settles for luxury and class something that most people are not in a position to afford. The Bison Denim is a leather backpack that is skilfully and carefully designed to give you everything that you would want in a backpack. The material looks and feels like the real deal when it comes to leather but still maintains the balance and produces an amazing backpack that would be perfect for any occasion. College students, working people, and traveling individuals would find this as one of the most useful companions that they get to hang out with all day long while still feeling comfortable. The zipper pockets that you get on this backpack help you in keeping all the items that you have safe and away from pickpockets. The shoulder straps are quite comfortable since they are padded and breathable which makes them comfortable to have even on a hot and sunny day. The shoulder straps are adjustable allowing you to have them at your desired length which is great for people who would like to use the bag for commuting purposes. You also get to relax since the laptop compartment is highly padded to protect the backpack in the event the bag hits the ground or gets into contact with a hard object.

Bostanten Vintage leather backpack for women

Water resistant: Yes

The good: Stylish look

Stars: 4.3/5

Women too have something that is specifically designed to meet their official and casual needs as a far as a leather backpack is concerned. The Bostanten is made of full grain leather which is a type of leather that gives the best results after it has been processed. The bag is quite stylish and allows you to take a few of the things that you may want to carry with you when going out. It is perfect for all women including college and the working class; you get to have three main compartments for storing up your item. You may need to know that this is not such a big backpack and you should thus not consider it for more official use such as carrying your laptop. It is designed to accommodate smaller items such as your tablet, your sandwich, etc. It is a backpack that can comfortably take you through the day without having to miss out on anything. There are several colors to choose from which is amazing since different women have a liking to different colors and as such the Bostanten gives women the freedom to choose the color that works best for them.

Time resistance Leather Backpack

Water resistant: Yes

The good: Maintains a natural look

Stars: 4.5/5

Just like the name suggests, the time resistance backpack is designed in such a way that it defies time. It maintains a more natural look that would appeal to people who would like a vintage kind of style. It comes with a pretty large internal storage capacity that is likely to fit a 12-inch laptop. This simply means that this is a backpack that can be used for official purposes and anyone using it will be comfortable with it. The backpack is made from top grain leather that has been taken through processing that makes it become better when it comes to giving you the kind of service that you would need as far as a backpack is concerned. The zippers, as well as the stitching, are done carefully to ensure that you get a backpack that will not need numerous repairs due to broken zippers. The Time resistant leather backpack comes to fill in the gap in a world that is filled with numerous backpacks that are synthetic and ones that don’t represent nature in any way. This backpack is skilfully made and given a color that fully represents the natural touch that makes it unique from most backpacks that you can come across. It is a bag that assures long life and durability, and you can rest assured that you will be using this backpack for more than ten years without it losing its sense of uniqueness and style. Get this backpack and get the feeling of having a more natural backpack with you.

S-Zone Women Leather Backpack

Water resistant: Yes

The good: Large internal storage

Stars: 4.4/5

S-Zone backpacks are made from quality leather that make them different from unauthentic leather packs that have populated the market. The S-Zone women backpack has a trendy look that is quite fashionable and which looks great considering that it is made from one of the best fabrics around. In as much as this is a pretty backpack, there is a lot that it can still offer to the user. The internal storage is spacious and large enough to hold a 13inch laptop which means that it can be used for official purposes as well as casual purposes. The side compartments are perfect for storing some small items such as your phone charger, your key, your credit cards and some cash. You also get a denim lining that makes the internal part of this backpack have a wonderful feeling which makes it more comfortable. It also happens to be a sturdy backpack that can withstand a lot of pressure since every detail about this backpack has been designed to give you the best. The shoulder straps are adjustable which means that it will definitely be a comfortable backpack to anyone irrespective of their height. The shoulder straps are also strong enough to withstand any load that may be in the backpack. It is an awesome choice backpack that most women would want to have. The price is also friendly which makes it better than most of the leather backpacks that tend to be more expensive.

Heshe Women Leather Backpack

Water resistant: Yes

The good: stylish casual backpack

Stars: 4.5/5

The Heshe women backpack is made of top grain cowhide leather, and we know that anything made from leather is not only strong but also has something more to offer. Heshe offers a unique and a different look from what synthetic backpacks will ever offer you. It is a beautiful backpack that has an amazing finishing and which looks like one of the expensive designer bags. It is a casual pack that only allows you to carry a few of the items that you would need in a day or when you are going for an informal meeting. There are numerous colors that one can choose from and all come with an amazing lining that transforms the feeling whenever you reach out for anything in the backpack. The shoulder straps are quite long something that makes them more fashionable. The good thing is that the shoulder straps are adjustable which allows you to maintain long straps but ones which are within your reach and the length which you are most comfortable with. One of the most amazing features that you get with this backpack is the fact that it can be carried as a backpack, a messenger bag a sling bag etc. This gives you the freedom of having the bag just like you would want to have it. It is a great leather bag that would be an amazing addition to your backpack collection. There are no limitations as far as the use of this backpack is concerned, it can be used for school, for outdoor activities, for travelling, etc., it is a pretty awesome bag that stands out from the crowd.

Polare Men’s Leather Backpack

Water resistant: Yes

The good: Full grain leather

Stars: 4.5/5

The Polare leather backpack is a great pack for men who have a thing for this kind of fabric. It presents numerous opportunities that give you the freedom of utilizing this backpack the best way you can owing to its unique design. It is large enough to fit a 14-inch laptop which makes it ideal for business travel, official use, college, etc. It is made from full grain leather which simply means that it has gone through the best processing methods to give you the very best. The smallest compartments help in organization as well as keeping some of the things that you may have in an easy to access location. One of the outstanding features of this backpack is the fact that it has a more masculine look that makes it different and unique. There is so much stuff that you can carry with this backpack whether you are going for a day hike or to the office. It is an amazing backpack that would look great on any man.



The above backpacks are a clear indication of how versatile leather backpacks can be. Most people are always complaining about durability, and it seems that most backpacks are not able to serve them as long as they would want. It would do no harm saving a little bit more to get a leather backpack that can be used for years to come without their quality being compromised. Leather is a bit expensive from most backpacks but it is clear that every single coin spent on a leather backpack is worth the sacrifice. Leather does not always have to be a boring fabric with a boring backpack, the backpacks above are really amazing and are a fashion statement which has been made from the best fabric. It would be great to try out a leather backpack for a change as well as the different experience gained from using the backpacks.