10 Best School Backpacks of 2017

Buying Guide and Advice

Getting the right school backpack is probably one of the decisions that most of us have made, or are making this season. We can all agree on one thing, it is not as easy and we are all afraid of making a mistake. There are so many factors that are taken into consideration when getting a backpack for college or high school. Most guys need something cool, stylish, with various compartments for organization purpose, and of course something that will serve them for the longest time possible. Getting a new backpack for student every now and then is not as interesting and thus durability is very important. We have come up with some of the leading backpacks for school students that will give you all that you need in one package. We have counterchecked some of the most important details that are important to any college student and come up with a list of top backpacks. This will for sure make it easy for you as well as give you an idea of what you exactly need when getting a backpack

Top 10 Our Favorite Backpacks for High School & College Students

Herschel Supply Co. Retreat backpack


    Water resistant: No

    Advantages: No zippers

    Flaws: No Side pockets

    Stars: 4./5

The Herschel supply Co retreat back boasts of durability and style. The top part of this student pack is closed using magnetic straps which is quite unique from the common zippered backpacks. It comes with a fully padded laptop sleeve that protects your PC from damages in case the bag comes into contact with a heavy object. The media pocket with a headphone port is worth mentioning as this means that you may listen to your favorite music at any time without any disturbance. One thing that you will have to bear with in this school pack is that you may have to carry your water bottle with your hands in the school.

Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack


Water resistant: partially

Advantages: Large capacity

Flaws: Too large and heavy   

Stars: 4.6/5

Just as the name suggests, the Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack is a large pack for high school students that combines everything that you may want in a backpack. People who have to carry lots of stuff on a daily basis are always in a dilemma of how to get the balance between a large capacity pack and a stylish one at the same time. This backpack is just what you need if you are that kind of person. It has numerous compartments that also feature a laptop storage space, and numerous organization pockets to keep all your stuff in check. You are able to carry your food, laptop, books, pens etc without the bag losing its shape. The padded back panel and the shoulder straps ensure that the weight is evenly distributed on your body and you may not have to worry about getting weary.

Targus Drifter 11 Backpack


Water resistant: Yes

Advantages: Multiple compartments

Flaws: Bulky shoulder straps

Stars: 4.1/5

The Targus Drifter 11 gives you the freedom of carrying anything to school with the multiple compartments that it comes with. Most of these compartments are zippered and thus all your items are protected from people who may want to snatch things from you. The backpack can fit anything owing to the large storage capacity including a 17 inch laptop, your books, files etc. The breathable mesh panels on the rear side of the bag keeps you feeling fresh throughout the days and can take you through some of the hottest days. It is durable and comfortable and is one bag that can transform your college days making them fun and bearable.

SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart

Water resistant: No

Advantages: Super comfortable straps

Flaws: Nothing significant   

Stars: 4.6/5

A backpack for college students that gets 4.6 stars is one that has made clients happy and one that promises quality and durability. The SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart backpack fits this description. It guarantees you comfort while for all the time that you will use it college owing to the padded shoulder straps that it comes with. The laptop compartment gives you a side entry making access easy and you may not have to remove this bag from your back when removing your laptop. You can carry the bag with the top handle in case you want some change in carrying it. With this, you may not need to purchase another travel pack as it is ideal for that purpose and the best part is that it is TSA friendly.

Outlander Packable Handy lightweight backpack


Water resistant: No

Advantages: Lightweight

Flaws: No laptop sleeve

Stars: 4.5/5

The Outlander backpack has a cool design that is appealing to school going individuals. It not only passes as a college backpack but also as a daypack that can be used on a one day trip and will serve you quite well. The backpack features several compartments to help you in organizing your stuff without a hustle. Although there isn’t a laptop sleeve for your PC, it can perfectly fit inside the main compartment and you will be good to go. This is an awesome pack that gives you what you want at an affordable price. The straps have a slight padding that gives you an easy time whenever you are carrying heavier loads. Get this pack and you will be sorted for all your school or travelling needs.

Incase Icon Slim Backpack

Water resistant: No

Advantages: Ergonomic support

Flaws: No water bottle holder

Stars: 4.6/5

The Incase Icon slim backpack provides you with the space that you need to store all your books, pens and a laptop in a sleek and stylish looking pack. The shoulder straps are very comfortable as well as ergonomic support and a sternum strap for additional comfort. The side pocket comes with a cable port that gives you access to either portable power or audio which makes this backpack interesting. It has a compartment that allows you to fit up to a 17 inch laptop. You may want to know that it does not come with a bottle holder but this does not disqualify the fact that this is a great school backpack.

Topo Designs daypack


Water resistant: No

Advantages: Contoured and padded shoulder straps

Flaws: Nothing significant

Stars: 4.6/5

The Topo designs daypack is one of the coolest and most stylish backpacks that anyone can roll with. It is perfect for students who don’t want to walk around with something bulky on their backs but still want something that accommodate most of their books. It comes with a laptop sleeve and can thus accommodate your PC, the shoulder straps are padded to give you comfort as well as style due to their contoured design. You are guaranteed of durability with the Topo designs daypack.

Bolang Water Resistant College Backpack


Water resistant: Yes

Advantages: Multiple colors to choose from

Flaws: Nothing significant

Stars: 4.7/5


The Bolang water resistant college backpack is what we would recommend to anyone who would want something that can keep their books dry during the rainy season. Other features that may interest you include the fact that this backpack comes with a laptop compartment that fits up to a 16 inch laptop. It can be used for other uses apart from schooling such as hiking, travelling, camping etc. with this backpack, you will not need to go for another backpack for other uses, and it is perfect for any occasion and any activity. The cool design makes it stand out from most of the backpacks and you may want to try it out.

Vera Bradley Campus Backpack


Water resistant: No

Advantages: Numerous patterns and colors to choose from

Flaws: If not careful, you may get a small size

Stars: 4.4/5


A glimpse at this pack and you get one of the most colorful and amazing prints than you would not get on most school backpacks. The glamour is not only on the outside as you also get several compartments inside the pack to help you keep all your stuff organized. Although there isn’t a special compartment designated for a laptop, it perfectly fits in a laptop ensuring that you don’t miss it out. The space inside this pack allows you to carry a lot which makes it perfect for college or even a graduate student.

The North Face Recon Women Backpack


Water resistant: No

Advantages: Air mesh back panel

Flaws: Nothing significant

Stars: 4.7/5


The North Face Recon Women backpack is perfect for college students who may want to get a multi use backpack. This is one of the few packs that can be used in school and can also serve you for a few days’ travels or a hike. It is specially designed for women and the shoulder straps are designed is such a way that fits their small frames. It offers a large internal storage capacity that has various compartments designated for your laptop, tablet, books etc. The stretch mesh side pockets give you the freedom of having a water bottle of your choice during the day. The best part is that you can still use it out of school for other activities and it will serve you well.

What you should look for a School Backpack

Right style for a Student

College and high school will give you one of the best or worst experiences depending on the kind of person that you are. Remember that a backpack is not only meant to store your books or your laptop but is also something that can speak a lot about you. Settling for a good and stylish backpack saves you from funny stares that you may otherwise get with something that does not look as good. A backpack should be a fashion signature and should speak loads about you. Getting it right may do this for you. It is important that you settle for a backpack that has your style, one that reflects your personality and one that you are comfortable with on a  day to day basis. There is no better way of rocking college than doing it with what you love most and what you wear better than any other person in campus.

Acceptable budget for school students

Before making any purchase, it is important to have a budget of how much you would want to spend on your backpack. It is not always that the most expensive backpacks are the most durable ones. You can still settle for one that is not as costly and it will still serve you better. There are numerous affordable school backpacks that are in the market. It is important that you go through customers review to determine the backpack that is likely to serve you better and one which is ideal for your needs. It is important to remember that there are expensive school bags that are not durable and ones which most customers are unsatisfied with. To avoid falling for a bad choice, get to read through reviews and customers experience to know what to expect when you buy the backpack.


A backpack is not only meant to give you a great look while in college, you need features that will make usage easy and that will help you in packing your items in an organized and neat way which makes retrieval of whatever you need easy. I will bring to your attention some of the features that you should look out for the next time you are getting a backpack and you can select one with the features that you need most.


The more compartments you have in your backpack the better for you. This is because you get to have a place for everything without stashing it up in the same compartment. A great pack should also have organizers that can hold your things separately. For most guys, organizers help them to remember exactly where they have kept their items. You realize that you will have lots of things to carry and without a pack with a few pockets, you may not get anything you need on time. Going through the whole backpack looking for a single item may be a problem and may take time. To avoid all that, consider getting a bag that makes it easy for you to organize everything that you need in a neat way. It saves you time and gives you a great time in school.

Water bottle holder

A hot day may leave you dehydrated and it is natural that you will want to take a lot of water. A backpack that comes with a water bottle holder may do you good during the hot season. There are two types of water bottle holders that you may want to consider, there are those that come with a fixed size and which can hold a bottle of a specific size only. The downside of such is that larger water bottles may not be accommodated which may not favor people with large sized bottles. The other option is a backpack with an elastic bottle holder. This type can accommodate bottles of different shapes and sizes and it’s actually the better option than the one that comes with a fixed size.

Are your books protected from getting wet?

A water resistant backpack is great in keeping all your content dry even when you are caught in the rain. Backpacks made of Polyester material are great in keeping the rain from getting inside your backpack, although not all packs made of polyester are water resistant, they play a great role in keeping water away from your backpack. A water resistant backpack is perfect for college as there are many times that you may be caught by the rain without an umbrella. People who carry electronic devices inside their backpacks ought to consider having a water resistant backpack to keep their devices from getting wet which may be a huge disaster.

Is the bag comfortable for every day’s use?

After every consideration has been made, the most important of all is comfort. Keep in mind that this is a backpack that you will be using on a day to day basis and probably for the rest of the time that you will be in college. Everything from the straps, the back panel, and the design should all be geared towards offering the best when it comes to comfort. You should consider a pack with padded shoulder straps, sternum or waist straps to distribute the backpack weight evenly on your back. The books that you carry in college are likely to be more and a pack that can support all that weight while still giving comfort is one that you should run for.

Is there a laptop compartment?

I know that we have already mentioned a little bit about the importance of having numerous compartments in a backpack. Having a compartment that is specially designed for a laptop makes any bag tick. It becomes better if it has a laptop sleeve. It should not only be a space that can fit your laptop but should have enough padding to protect your PC incase the backpack falls down. You may need to get a bag with a good laptop compartment and one which comes with a laptop sleeve. You realize that you may need to carry your laptop more often while going to school and there are assignments that you may have to undertake with your laptop. This kind of movement and more usage of the laptop requires that you get a school backpack that can protect your laptop from any form of external damages. Getting a laptop compartment that is secured is a great way of protecting your laptop from petty thieves that may want to remove it from your bag while you are unawares.

What will be the main use for the school backpack?

The main use of a school backpack is a very important question that you should consider before making any purchase. Will it only be for school use? Would you want to use it when travelling or hiking, how much do you want to carry around each day etc. such questions give you a green light and insight on the type of backpack that you should settle for.


School is a very important part of our lives that we cannot ignore since everyone has to go through it. A backpack is as equally important as education and you will realize that you will be faced with the decision of buying a backpack over and over again since one cannot sustain you throughout your schooling process. Kids are lucky since they have to rely on their parents on the choice of a backpack and thus don’t have much to worry about. Things become different as one grows up and our parents cannot solely decide what is good for us when it comes to a backpack. High school and college school students more often shop for their backpacks and it is important that they get the best. There are numerous options that you are likely to get when shopping for a school bag but only a few are worth spending your money on. With the guidelines given above, the chances of getting a poor backpack are very low. With the focus being on quality and durability, you will be on your way to enjoying a great experience in school with a backpack that will make a good companion.