The 7 Best Ski Boot Bags of 2017

Buying Guide and Advice

If you love skiing then you know too well that you may need a good backpack to carry your boots as well as some of the gear that may be necessary for skiing. Ski boot bags come in handy as they not only ferry your boots but most of them are large enough to carry your helmet, gloves, etc. The main thing that one gets with a ski boot backpack is that it is able to keep everything in one place making it a must have for any ski boarder. Most of them are designed to give you comfort since they can be quite bulky owing to the large loads that they have to carry. A good backpack enables you to carry it all while you take your ski board and the poles with your hands. One of the benefits that you get with such a backpack is that there are airlines that will allow you get have the backpack while you fly. You may however have to do some research before engaging booking a flight with a given airline to determine whether they allow ski boot backpacks on board. Get to enjoy the bets backpacks from the ones listed below since they have been tested and have proved to be worth the money that one spends on them.

How to settle for a good ski boot backpack

Next to your ski board and your poles, boots are probably one of the most important items that you can have as part of your skiing gear since you need them as much as you need the air to breath. Without your ski boots, it is impossible that you can even o skiing and the right skiing boots are just what you need. Whenever you buy your skiing boots, you will have to purchase a ski boot backpack to help you transport all your skiing gear, some of the things that you may want to put your focus on whenever you are settling for a ski boot bag include;

  • Boot size

People who are just starting when it comes to skiing have questions and worries of how they will get the bag that fits their boot size. It will just be a matter of time for them to realize that most boot backpacks are created to fit most ski boots. The only exception is for people with a fitting of mondo 40 that may not be as lucky but we know too well that very few people have a boot size higher than that. Another exception that comes in when it comes to the size is that there are boots that are specifically designed for young kids. These backpacks can fit various kid boot sizes without any form of a hustle. a god backpack will serve you well, whether you are a pro or a starter and you can be in a position to enjoy all your skiing venture knowing too well that you have a bag that can carry most of the gear that you need when going for a skiing activity.

  • Storage space

In as much as you want a backpack that can store your ski boots, you need to know that a ski bag offers more than the storage of your boots. You need a bag that is big enough to store your helmet, your jacket, your gloves, your goggles and other stuff that you may need when skiing. It is important that you settle for a backpack that is large enough to sustain all these things without you having to squeeze them inside. People who may need to have some important items such as their smartphones, keys, etc. can consider getting a boot bag that has plenty of space and compartments to accommodate such items. In the event that you get a ski boot bag that is not large enough to store most of your gear you may then consider having stuffing some of your items inside the boots which is also a good storage technique. Storage pockets and other compartments that you get are a great way of organizing your backpack.


Athalon Everything Boot Pack

Water resistant:  Yes

Top feature: fits in overhead storage compartment on most planes

Stars:  4.5

The Athalon everything boot pack is one of the best choices that you make when looking for a ski boot backpack. Apart from the major compartments that are meant to store up your skiing gear, you get several tiny pockets to stash up some of the little things that you may want to take with you. There is a small pocket at the very top, and two zippered pockets lockated on the boot compartment. The pockets come in handy in case you may need to carry smaller items which you may not want to have inside the main compartment.  The boot compartment is large enough to accommodate you ski boots and in case you may have something more that you need to carry, there is plenty of space in the boot compartment. With the boots in place, you can now focus on the main storage compartment that is in a position to hold your helmet, your jacket and even you glove. This backpack offers amazing capabilities that are most ski boarders would find useful. The fabric is water resistant putting in mind that this pack is mainly used in snow prone areas meaning that one may need a bag that is good enough not to allow a drop of water to get through the bag. Most airlines allow you to have this pack with you while you fly and you can stop worrying about your gear being in the luggage area which is associated with a lot of risks. It is an amazing backpack that gives you comfort and efficiency.

Transpack Edge Isosceles ski boot backpack

Water resistant: Yes

Top feature: Quite spacious

Stars:  4.4

I bet one of the main thing that we put focus on when buying a ski boot backpack is its capacity and whether it has a great quality that can offer durability. The Transpack can do all that for you with the consideration that it is a low budget backpack. This bag is quite spacious and large enough to accommodate your ski boots while the main compartment has more room for the gear that you will be taking with you. There are several features that makes this bag stand out, the backpack is designed with a shape that gives it water drainage capabilities. In as much as the bag is water resistant, it does not harbor any water on its material since the water easily rolls away after it hits the bag. The quality of the nylon fabric that makes the bag is good enough to ensure that the backpack takes you as many skiing adventures as you would want. It has a fabric that can be trusted and thus worth every single coin that you spend on it. The shoulder straps are padded to give you comfort and an easy time when you are carrying your gear. The straps are also adjustable which is good enough as they can be adjusted to the right fit which is comfortable for anybody. It is a great backpack that gives you the freedom of selecting a bag from the variety of colors that are available.

Kulkea Boot Trekker backpack

Water resistant: Yes

Top feature: Breathable mesh pannel

Stars:  4.7

The Kulkea ski boot backpack is unique as far as its design is concerned. It is a pretty amazing backpack that comes with a number of zippered pockets that can be used to store a number of small items such as your keys or anything else that you may want inside you may want to take with you. The back panel is made with a breathable mesh that enhance air circulation which keeps you feeling fresh all day long and you also get to have contoured padded shoulder straps that give you an easy time whenever you are carrying your skiing gear. One of the unique features that you get with this bag is that it comes with a padded waist belt that helps in weight distribution since the gear is at times too heavy. The waist belt has buckles that may be used in the event that you may want to remove it. One thing that you can be sure with when it comes to this backpack is that it keeps you feeling comfortable. The ski boot compartment is large enough to accommodate your boots with the main compartment reserving lots of space for the storage of most of the skiing gear that you would take with you.

High Sierra Junior Boot Bag 

Water resistant: Yes

Top feature: great for kids

Stars: 4.4

The high Sierra Junior boot pack is mainly designed for young skiers since most of the normal ski boot backpacks are too big for their little shoes and their designs are not comfortable for their body frames. The high sierra junior pack has been designed to cater for all the needs that young skiers may have as far as carrying their skiing gear is concerned. The side compartments are large enough to accommodate the various boot sizes of young kids. The main compartment is large enough to accommodate the helmet, the gloves, the goggles and anything else that you may want to stash inside the backpack. The bag can accommodate both ski boots and snowboarding boots making it a multipurpose backpack. The shoulder straps are padded and adjustable which is a great feature considering that the main users are young kids whose bodies re prone to injuries. The straps are designed to give young kids the best time while they are wearing the backpack. There are various colors for kids to choose as well as various designs that you get and kids get to choose the one that they like most. It is an amazing bag that your kid will most definitely want to have.

Team Pack Ski Boot Bag

Water resistant: Yes

Top feature: Multiple storage pockets

Stars: 4.5

The team pack ski boot pack is a great backpack for people looking for a spacious backpack. The side compartment offers a great storage space for your ski boots, your helmet, your gloves and any other skiing gear that you may want to take along with you. It is a large and comfortable backpack that is capable of storing lots of the skiing gear that you may want to take with you, there is plenty of room for your helmet, your ski boot, your jacket and anything else that you may need in your venture. The shoulder straps are padded to give you full comfort while ensuring that you are able to have an easy time walking to your destination. The bag offers a unique storage for the ski boot since they are stored on the outside of the bag and thus don’t give you a wet bag which is not interesting to have. The bag is made of a sturdy nylon material that ensures durability and you can rest assured that you will be using this backpack for the longest time possible.

Transpack sidekick Lite Ski boot bag

Water resistant: Yes

Top feature: External boot storage

Stars:  4.8

The Transpack sidekick lite ski boot bag is one of the best boot bag that you can come across this season. It is an amazing storage bag that enables you to store your skiing gear within a single trip and you can have your hands to yourself to carry your ski poles or your ski board. The bag is unique in that it has an external storage for your boots, this is not only stylish but also good since storing the boots inside the bag may give you a wet bag which may be a bit uncomfortable. The bag has an outer storage compartment for the helmet which is a great place to store your equipment. The bag is water resistant and thus protects the content inside the bag keeping all your items your safe. Kids as well as adults may find this bag to be useful since the shoulder straps can be adjusted to fit most body forms. You may want to check with the airline that you are using to find out whether the bag is within the acceptable range of their travel regulation. You may want to check out this bag in case you are looking for a top ski boot bag.


Transpack Edge jr Boot Bag for kids

Water resistant: Yes

Top feature: Multiple colors to choose from

Stars:  4.5

kids love skiing and it is justice enough if they have good backpacks that they can use to store their skiing equipment. The transpack edge boot bag is perfect for kids. The fabric used in making this backpack is as good as that used to make adult backpacks guaranteeing you of a durable and quality backpack. The shoulder straps are padded and are adjustable to accommodate kids of different ages. The padding on the shoulders ensure that the kids feel comfortable while they are carrying their skiing gear. You get several zippered pockets that help in the storage of your items increasing the number of items that your kid may carry when going for a skiing activity. There are is enough storage space for the helmet, the ski boots, gloves, goggles etc. This is an amazing and comfortable bag that most people will find useful for their kids.




A ski boot bag is one of the most important thing that every serious ski boarder should have. Whether you are just starting or a pro in the game, you realize that you will need to have a good bag to store your skiing gear. There are lots of bags in the market and you can be sure that you be a little bit confused when settling for a specific backpack to buy. The ones listed above have been tested and proved to be worth every coin you spend on them. Ensure that you have a list of the things that you are looking for in the ski boot bag that you would like to buy. With this, you can counter check with the above backpacks and settle for the one that has most of the features that you are looking for. This will come in handy whenever you are buying a boot bag since you will have a slight idea of what you should settle for when it comes to a ski boot backpack.