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Ski and snowboard backpack buying guide

Skiing and snowboarding are two major activities that are carried out for either recreational or professional purpose. It is a kind of sport that has been in existence for the longest time since ancient man used ski boards to travel through the snow for centuries until modern man adopted it as a type of recreational sport. A backpack is often important in both skiing and snowboarding since it helps in the transportation of skiing gear which is of great importance in the sport. You may be wondering what the difference between skiing and snowboarding is since they are basically two different types of activities that are carried out in the same environment. The major difference between the two is that skiing makes use of two ski boards for the user to travel on the snow whereas snowboarding makes use of a single snow board and the individual descends on the snow with the board attached to the feet. In both cases, the boards are connected to the feet by a pair of boots that the individual has to put on. This simply means that there is a need for people participating in snowboarding or skiing to have backpacks that can support the required gear for the sport.  Buying a ski or snow board bag requires you to be extra cautious that you may settle for the most suitable pack needed for your trip. It is important to consider the location that you will be visiting and the number of days that you will be staying there. This helps in determining the size of the backpack that you may have to carry with you. The longer your stay is, the larger the capacity of the bag that you will have to carry with you.

Some of the top bags that can be used for ski boards and snow boards include;

Brand Name: High Sierra Snowboard Bag

Type: snowboard

Boot bag: yes

Stars: 4.4


High Sierra is one of the big names in the backpack industry, and you can put your confidence on this backpack since it will most definitely deliver in whatever it has been designed for. High Sierra snow board sleeve bag is an amazing companion for people interested in the snowboarding sport. You may not have to buy a boot bag since you get a combination of both a snow board bag and a boot bag which are enough to carry the most essential gear that you may need. The sleeves are quite comfortable considering that that you may be carrying the bag for a longer distance and comfort is something that you definitely have to consider. This bag is made of one of the best fabrics that does not give in to any form of abuse, and you can rest assured that you will be using this bag for the longest time possible. The fabric happens to be weather-resistant which simply means that both the boots and the snowboard are protected from elements of weather that may prove to be harmful to the sporting gear. The bag can carry a snowboard of up to 165 cm which is an important consideration before making a purchase. The boot bag can hold a pair of boots of up to size 13 which is a strong indication that there a variety of sizes that can be supported by the ski boot bag.  This is a bag that will definitely give you a great time whenever you consider snowboarding.

Brand Name: Demon Phantom

Type: Snowboard bag

Boot bag: No

Stars: 4.0


The Demon phantom snow board bag is one of the most amazing creations that you will come upon this season. This bag is fully padded meaning that it offers comfort to the user irrespective of the distance that it may have to be carried. The bag also comes with wheels which are a great addition since the user can simply pull it in case they get tired of carrying it around. The versatility that the bag offers makes it stand out from most of the snowboard bags that have a single way in which they can be carried. This is the perfect bag that can be used for traveling purposes since it does not wear down the user as most bags do. The limit length for snow boards that can be carried with the bag is 170cm which should be one of the major considerations that any user should make before buying one.  The bag is quite spacious allowing you to carry most of the stuff that you would need when you are out there engaging in the sport. The fabric that makes this backpack is durable and water resistant which prevents water from reaching the content in your bag.  You can definitely consider this bag if you are looking into engaging in snowboarding sport that may require you to travel for long distances.


 Brand Name: Dakine low roller bag

Type: snow board

Separate Boot bag: No

Stars: Brand Name: 4.6


The Dakine low roller is a snowboard bag that has a unique and stylish design that distinguishes it from most of the snow boards bags around. It is a single type of bag that allows you to carry as much as you would need without leaving anything behind. Most people have to buy a snowboard backpack and a boot bag which often gives the user too much load to carry, and this may not be comfortable for some people. The Dakine snowboard bag comes with a spacious compartment that is designated for carrying your boots ensuring that you carry all that you want in a single load. Theft is always one of the things that one may not anticipate whenever they are carrying their items, but this does in no way mean that it is inevitable. This bag offers the ideal solution for your items by giving you lockable zippers that ensure that you get maximum security and that all your items stay intact. Putting everything in the same bag may end up being burdensome if you have to bear the weight on your shoulders. The Dakine bag gives you the option of rolling the bag which is better and less tiring than it would be if the weight was on your back. Padding is quite important for any snowboard bag that will give you the best experience and the Dakine snowboard bag is fully padded to give you the best experience when it comes to carrying your items. The bag can accommodate a snowboard of up to 175 cm which is good enough for most of the snow boards.

Brand Name: Athletico two piece bag

Type: Ski Bag

Boot bag: Yes

Stars: 4.8


Just like the name suggests, the Athletico two piece ski bag is one that is designed for the modern day sport  lover, and it sure comes with various features that makes it stand out and unique from most of the ski bags around. It is long enough to fit a 200 cm ski board which can also accommodate ski boards with less length. Since the bag cannot accommodate a ski boot, you get an extra bag that is specifically meant to transport your boots. The bag can accommodate boots of up to size 13 which is within the range of what most people wear. The handles that you get are fully padded which gives you comfort and ensures that you don’t get any form of injury in the palm of your hands after carrying it for a prolonged period of time. The bag can accommodate smaller items that you may need along the way or some that that you may need for the sport such as your goggles. The Athletico ski bag is built with a water resistant fabric that prevents water from getting to the content of the bag which is quite important considering that the sport is carried out in snow.  This is one of the bags that can comfortably and effectively transport both your ski boots and your ski board without much of a hustle.

Brand Name: Select Sportsbags

Type: Ski bag

Boot bag: No

Stars: 4.2


The select sports bag offers you the opportunity to carry your pair of ski board to your preferred destination without having to worry about your comfort or the safety of the ski board and any other equipment that may be in the bag. One of the features that make this bag safe for carrying your sports gear is the fact that it is fully padded. In the event that the bag comes into contact with a heavy object, the padding will absorb the shock and protect equipment that is inside the bag. Apart from the safety that you get with this bag, you also get to enjoy a large capacity bag that fits a pair of the ski boards, your pair of poles and a pair of your ski boots. That is how amazing this bag gets since it accommodates almost everything that you may want to carry. There are compression straps that enable you to have your luggage intact which is always a good thing when you don’t feel everything inside the bag moving about which is at times uncomfortable.  The bag is suitable for ski boards of up to 190 cm and two pairs of poles without forgetting that it can also accommodate some other items of your choice.

Brand Name: Dakine double padded ski bag

Type: Ski bag

Boot bag: No

Stars: 4.6


Dakine is one of the brands that has a reputation for making ski board bags and snow board bags. The Dakine padded double ski bag is mainly designed to accommodate two pairs of ski boards as well your ski poles. The bag is padded all round which offers protection to the items inside the bag. This is necessary for people who may be traveling with their skiing gear since it is likely that the equipment may get in contact with hard surfaces or objects that may potentially cause some harm to the content inside the bag.  The shoulder straps are also padded which reliefs the pressure felt on the shoulders due to the heavy load inside the bag.  If the bag is not fully packed, there are chances that you may feel the content of the bag making movements which makes the luggage feel uncomfortable. To avoid this movement, the compression straps gives the load a much more compact feel that makes transportation easy and the load comfortable. The bag can accommodate a ski board of up to 175 cm in length which is ideal and which can support most of the ski boards used. One of the features that make it a must-buy bag is the fact that the bag is stylish giving the user some sense of fashion.

Considerations to make when buying a ski/snowboard bag

Right size and fit

Different bags can accommodate different ski board sizes, and one of the most important considerations to make is the size of your ski board or snow board before settling on the bag to purchase. In most cases, the measurement of the ski board is always at the top of the ski board, and this is the figure that gives you the idea of the ski bag to buy. Most bag manufacturers make a point of giving the size of the ski board that can be accommodated by the bag. It is advisable that you get the right fit for your board to avoid any movements inside the bag and avoid any discomfort that may occur if you settle for the wrong size. The bag that you settle for should be the right size in order for it to fit the snowboard or the ski board purchased.

Single and double equipment ski bags

Single ski bags allow for one pair of ski to be accommodated inside the bag. On the other hand, double ski bags have enough space for two pairs of ski equipment.  The benefit that one gets with a double ski bag is that it can be used to store a pair of the ski equipment while the other compartment is used to store extra luggage that you may need to carry. It is actually possible to carry large luggage that can last you for days on the extra space that you get with a double ski bag. It also reduces the number of luggage that you have to carry in the event that you have a single ski bag, and you need to carry other items such as your ski boots. The single ski bag is in most cases cheaper than the double one which makes this one of the major choices that you may have to make when shopping for your ski gear.

Padding or no padding

You are probably wondering why anyone would need a ski bag without proper padding. The truth is that ski/snowboard bags with padding are more expensive than those without padding. One of the major limitations that would make most people not to settle for a padded bag may probably be due to budget constraints. The good thing is that you can settle for the bag without padding as you save some cash to get a more expensive bag that is fully padded. The benefits that you are likely to get with a padded bag are worth every coin that you spend on the bag. Proper padding protects the gear that you are carrying from any form of damage that it may be subjected to. There are chances that the skiing gear may be transported in the cargo area and the people handling it may not be too careful.

Rolling wheels

People traveling for long distances may consider getting ski/snowboard bags that have wheels. In as much as the load may not be as heavy to carry on the shoulders, long distances may not be convenient for most people. A rolling bag comes in handy as it eases the pressure on your shoulders especially when you have to walk for long distances. Rolling the bag gives you an easy time and is also comfortable than carrying it on your shoulders.


The security of any ski/snowboard bag is attained if the zippers are good enough and if they have good quality. Most of the low-quality bags have zippers that fall apart within a short period of use, and we know too well that the zipper is the most critical point of a bag. A weak zipper translates into a bag that cannot be of any benefit to the user. It is always good to ensure that you get a ski board or a snowboard bag with the best zippers which are of the highest quality. If possible settle for lockable zippers that keep the content of the bag safe from petty thieves. As far as security is concerned, TSA approved locks are always the best option as they give the user an easy time whenever they are going through security checks in the airport. TSA approved locks allow security personnel to easily open the bag without damaging the locks.

Ski boot bag

Some of the bags that you get in the market have a compartment that can comfortably accommodate the ski boots as well as other gear that you may need for the sport. They are mainly referred to as combo ski bags and are ideally good for people who prefer having a single luggage. On the other hand, you can settle for a separate ski boot bag which will increase the luggage that you may have to carry and which also allows you to carry more equipment. Some of the benefits that you get with a ski boot bag include the fact that you can carry extra items such as your goggles, helmet, gloves and some of the items that you may want to take with you. This implies that a ski boot bag is heavy and may not be comfortable if you have other luggage that you are carrying with you. One of the things that may save you from this agony may be getting a ski boot bag that comes with rolling wheels which save some of your energy and gives you an easy time while you are moving around.


Whether you are buying a ski board bag or snow board bag, the one thing that remains constant is that you have to settle for a high-quality bag that will serve you for the longest time possible. Prior research on the product that you are about to purchase may be the key to getting the best bag that will not disappoint you for as long as you use it. There are a few questions that ought to be answered before settling for any bag such as whether you may need to frequently travel with the bag or whether it will be used within the local area etc. such questions give you the green light on the type of bag that you can settle for. This may sound like a cliché but the higher the price, the better the quality of the bag. This may not be a constant factor but has proved to be right in most of the ski bags in the market. The good thing is that there is always information that may be relevant before you can make any purchase.