The 5 Best Tool Backpacks of 2017

Buying Guide and Advice

[Updated 5/24]A tool backpack is one of the most important things that people working in remote places may find quite useful. People whose work involve the use of tools such as carpenters, computer technicians, electrical technicians, etc. may need a single backpack that can ferry all their tools in an organized manner. Tools are used for important handy work, and lack of a single tool can only mean that the work to be done may not be completed. It is thus important for one to have a tool bag that can accommodate all the tools that you may need. A good tool bag comes with various compartments that are designed to accommodate different tools in different places depending on their sizes. Most of the best tool backpacks are able to hold a large drill as well as a medium sized saw meaning that a tool back pack is large enough to accommodate most of the items that may be important to a user. People who are not organized may prefer carrying their tools with their hands but this may be quite uncomfortable and inconveniencing. With a good tool bag, you are able to carry all that you need and still have your hands free to engage in other activities.  You can still look great after a busy day of work with your tool bag on you and people will not even know the kind of work that you do. Most people find a tool bag as the most convenient way of moving around doing what they love most. Handy men don’t have to be all rugged and rough as a good and fashionable bag combined with a good wardrobe choice may make them stand out from the crowd with a sense of fashion, and they are sure to look great. Some of the backpacks to consider include;

Klein tools 55421BP tool backpack

Number of pockets:39

Water resistant: Yes

Rating: 4.5

Klein tools is a renowned brand owing to its prowess when it comes to making some of the best tool backpacks. The Klein Tools 55421 offers a great opportunity for you to carry all the tools that you may need in a day. The bag allows for a variety of tools to be carried making it the best option for technicians as well as electricians. The bag is waterproof to protect it from any contact with water or moisture. The bottom of the bag is also protected and cannot allow water from getting through it. There are numerous pockets that helps when it comes to the storage which ensures that there is nothing that you will leave behind. It is a fairly large bag and can be used for a short period work or extended work trips. The bag is also comfortable, and most technicians will not get a hard time having this bag on their back for a whole day.


Dewalt tool backpack

Number of pockets: 57

Water resistant: Yes


The Dewalt tool backpack comes with several features that will most definitely stand out from most of the tool bags that you will come across in the market. There are numerous pockets that you get with this bag, and they total to 57 pockets all that are used for storing your tools. With that number of pockets, you get to carry all the tools that you may need without leaving anything behind. Some of the tools that you can carry with this backpack include pliers, extension cords, screwdrivers, wrench sets, etc. This is to tell you that this backpack can be used by a number of handymen including technicians, electricians, carpenters, etc. that can make use of this backpack. One of the unique features that you get is that it comes with lumens to light your environment in the event that you may be working in a place that would need a little bit of lighting. The lighting also makes it easy for a person to easily find the tool inside the backpack in the event that the light may not be enough. It is designed in a way that allows you to store some of your favorite tools in the front pocket which make retrieval easy. Comfort is guaranteed as it is padded to give you the best as far as getting comfortable is concerned.

Milwaukee tool backpack

Number of pockets: 35

Water resistant: Yes


The Milwaukee is yet another tool bag that is worth considering as a choice backpack for your tools. It comes with a n impact resistance molded base that protects the content of the backpack from getting into contact with water. The base is also important as it keeps the bag standing preventing it from toppling over which is important to most technicians who may want to have the bag standing making it easy for the retrieval of the tools even when they are working. Apart from the backpack being in a position to hold all the tools that you may need, it comes with a compartment that is capable of holding your 15.6-inch laptop which is a great deal for people who may want to carry their laptop, especially when going for extended work trips. The quality of the fabric that you get guarantees durability, and you can rest assured that you will be using this backpack for an extended period of time. Let me not forget to mention that this is one of the most affordable tool backpacks that you will come across in the market. It comes at a fair price while delivering the best.

Veto Pro Pac tool backpack

Number of pockets: 20

Water resistant: yes

Rating: 4.6

The Vetro pro pac is a seemingly great tool backpack that anyone planning to carry their tools on a daily basis would want to consider. To begin with, this is a back pack that is capable of standing on its own making it easy for the technician to get hold of their tools fast and easily. There is a total of twenty pockets which includes both the inner and the outer pockets. The pockets may seem fewer than what you get in most backpacks, but you can rest assured that this bag can load as many tools as you may need. Some of the pockets are capable of handling more than one tool, and with great organization, you can be sure that you will not be leaving anything behind. The bag is made of a heavy-duty fabric that assures durability and quality since it can withstand lots of the pressure that it may be subjected to. The bag can be used by a majority of handy men who prefer having a small yet comfortable backpack. Get this tool bag and enjoy an easy time when traveling with your tools in an efficient backpack.



Custom Leathercraft tool backpack

Number of pockets: 44

Water resistant: yes


The customer leathercraft tool backpack is a stylish tool bag that allows you to take anything and everything that you may need for your work. The 44 pockets that you get give you an allowance of carrying most of the tools that you may be using throughout the day while making it easy for you to organize your tools in the best way possible. What you get is its ability to offer numerous storage locations that are evenly distributed on the backpack. You get the freedom of having your favorite tools in the outer pockets for easy retrieved, and you can have others tacked away inside the backpack. The tool backpack is comfortable enough to give you an easy time whenever you have to carry it for a whole day. You can rest assured that you will not get back pains or shoulder injuries since the backpack is fully padded to give you an easy time. In the event that you get tired of having this bag on your back, you can always use the dual handles at the top of the backpack for a change. You can rest assured that the backpack is fully protected from any moisture since it is made with a water-resistant fabric that protects your tools from getting into contact with water. It is a great backpack that is worth considering.

Factors to consider when buying a tool backpack

There are various tool backpacks in the market, but the truth is that only a few of them qualify to be the best tool backpack for a handy man. Different types of jobs call for different tools and as such different tool backpacks. The needs of an individual determine the type of tool; bag that one should get and it is thus important to have a clear idea of what you want the bag for before making a purchase to avoid making the wrong backpack choice. The best tool backpack is one that can serve you and give you all that you need when it comes to storing all your tools. There are a few things that are quite important and ones that you should always consider when buying a tool backpack.

  • Internal organization

The best tool backpack will offer you enough storage compartments for all the tools that may be important for your work. A good one should offer plenty of loops and pockets to store all your important tools. There should be a balance in the loops and pockets that you should have in your backpack since too many compartments end up being too unpractical and may end up giving you a harder time retrieving your tools rather than giving you an easy time when retrieving your items. You only need sufficient space for what you need and an extra space in the internal storage compartment for anything extra that you may want to take along. When the storage sections are too small, you may have a hard time fitting some of the larger tools that you have, and when the sections are too large, then your tools may end up knocking on each other. This means that you may need to gather all the relevant information concerning the storage sections that you get with the backpack that you may want to settle from. The same case applies to the loop inside the backpack with the only difference being the fact that loops are much better since they can be adjusted. When the loops are too small, you can always use scissors and slice through the loops to make a larger loop to fit a large tool. This may not be possible with storage sections.

  • Type of closures

You are probably wondering why closures should be one of your worries whenever you are getting your tool backpack and in this case the best tool backpack for all your handy work. There are different types of closures that you can get depending on what you specifically want. A zip closure bag is the best option since it keeps the tools intact and prevents them from falling outside the bag. Zip closures come in handy since one may need to store something which is important and which can easily get lost. The zip closure is not only meant for the external pockets but also comes in handy with internal pockets. Smaller items such as screws may need to be protected from slipping and falling all over the backpack which may give you a hard time when looking for them.velco closures are also great especially when it comes to storing larger items such as a screw driver. It is thus important to settle for a tool backpack with zip closures for the security and organization of the tools that may be inside the backpack.

  • Can it stand on its own?

Whether a backpack can stand on its own or not may seem like an odd question but is as important as whether the backpack has sufficient space to hold all your working equipment. A backpack that can stand on its own is the best option for most handymen since they may need to pick up a tool while the bag is still on the floor. With a backpack that can stand on its own, you realize that one may not take a lot of time in retrieving the tool that they would like to use. On the contrary, a backpack that cannot stand on its own gives the user a hard time when retrieving an item since they may have to use both hands in doing so as one hand will focus on supporting the bag while the other hand will focus on retrieving the required tool. Some of the best tool backpacks in the market come with an ability to stand vertically to give the use an easy time when they are working. The other option that is worth considering is that of getting a flat opening backpack. This is a great option since the bag allows for all the tools to be laid down so that you get a view of each one of them and retrieval becomes easy. The type of tools that you use on a day to day basis determines the type of tool backpack that you settle for. Smaller tools may call for a flat opening backpack while large tools may call for a top loading backpack that opens at the top since visibility is easy and retrieval is also easy.

  • Type of fabric used

Just like any backpack, the best tool backpacks are made of high-quality fabric since a good piece of fabric translates to a durable bag. The fabric of the backpack that you settle for should be in a position to support all the tools that you may need to carry on a day to day basis. A heavy-duty fabric is critical to people who have large and heavy tools to carry around. A good fabric offers other features that are equally important such as the ability of a bag to be water resistant. It is possible that handy men may have a single backpack that they use to carry on a day to day basis and transferring tools from one backpack to another is simply out of the question. A weather resistant backpack helps in keeping the inner side of the backpack dry throughout the day despite the rainy weather. The bottom side of a good tool backpack should have fabric that does not allow water to get through to the backpack. This is because a tool bag will more often than not be placed on the ground when the user is working increasing the chances of coming into contact with water. The quality of the fabric that you settle for should not be compromised since it determines how effective the backpack will be.

  • Comfort

There are many factors that determine the comfort that you get with a back pack including the weight distribution as well as the general design of the backpack. Some of the best tool backpacks that you will get in the market should be in a position to give you both comfort and a good fit. You will need a backpack that evenly distributes weight to your body to avoid back pain which is often the case when we are carrying large loads. It would be much better if you were to get a back pack with hip, chest and waist straps that play a huge role in weight distribution. You may also want to get a back pack that comes with padded shoulder straps as well as a padded back panel to reduce the impact of the weight on your back. The weight of a tool back pack may not be as much as other backpacks, but you will still need to have the most comfortable back pack since you may be having the bag on you for quite a long time. Don’t forget to always have one with a breathable back panel to help you on one of the hot days when the chances of having a sweaty back are too high.  Remember that comfort is key if you want to enjoy using your tool back pack on a day to day basis.

  • Tool backpack size

There are different tool back pack sizes which depend on the period of time that one intends to stay on a working trip. Shorter trips may call for a smaller tool back pack while a larger back pack will be most appropriate for extended trips. The number of tools that you need on day to day basis also determines the size of the backpack that you will settle for. It is important to always settle for a tool back pack that can is large enough to hold what you need for as long as you need it. You can always settle for more than one of the best tool backpacks that come in different sizes to facilitate all your needs. The denominator in settling for the size of the back pack is the duration of the trip as well as the number of tools that you need with you.


The backpack listed above give you an opportunity of settling for the best tool backpack this season with certainty that you will settle for the very best in the market. Always take care when you are selecting a backpack to ensure that you don’t get one that may not serve all the purposes that you need. When it comes to settling for a tool backpack, you will be faced with numerous options and most of what you will come across will be good but may not be good enough for you. If you are a handyman, you know too well that the right tool backpack is the key to having an easy time when you have to work away from your home or even your hardware. Ensure that you settle for a backpack that is designed to serve the best of your interest and the interest of your work. The backpacks listed above are a great way to start in the event that you are looking for the best tool backpack to kick off your work.