The 8 Best Travel Backpacks of 2017

Buying Guide and Advice

A good travel backpack is not only designed to withstand what you may put it to, but what other handlers will put it to. For instance, travelling include a lot of security checks at various points and the best bag is the one that can comfortably handle all the handlers without giving in to such handling. Unlike hiking packs that are created to give you the lightest experience, backpacks for travel are designed with tougher and heavier fabric to enable them to withstand every form of pressure that they may be subjected to. This does not mean that you deserve a pack that is uncomfortable for you, on the contrary, you will need a bag that has the best combination of features to make your travelling experience better. We will give you some of the guidelines that may help you in choosing a pack that will be very comfy for you while you are hitting the road. A few things that are worth considering include the fact that travelling will expose you to unfamiliar terrain, different means of transport, overcrowded places, etc. All these means you have to keep your luggage safe and secured and the backpack has to withstand all that while not putting a lot of burden on your back.

Best backpacks brands for travel

When choosing a backpack , it all narrows do the brand. Most of the leading brands in the market have the best travel packs and its thus important to settle for a brand that has been in the market for a while. Placing a bet on such a bag guarantees you will not be disappointed while using it. Some of the brands that we have tested on the road and have proved to be exceptional include;

Venture pal lightweight travel backpack

Venture pal lightweight travel backpackWater resistant: Yes

Top feature: breathable shoulder straps

Rating: 4.5/5

venture pal is a lightweight travel has been designed to deliver the best experience to the user with the features that it brings on the table. The backpack is designed with a high quality fabric that guarantees durability while ensuring longevity of the bag. The fabric gives it water resistant features that protects the content inside the bag in the event that you get caught in the rain. You are assured of comfort as the shoulder straps are slightly padded with a breathable design that gives you a sweat free experience. The shoulder straps are adjustable giving it a great fit for different people with different body sizes. Travelling is all about packing most of the important items to necessitate the stay on a different location, the venture pal travel pack has multiple compartments to enable you pack everything which you may deem important. The compartment makes it possible for the user to have a neatly organized luggage which makes it easy to retrieve items faster and efficiently. Since this is a lightweight bag, storage is made easy as the bag is folded into a purse like manner that occupies less space as far as storage is concerned


SwissGear trevel gear 1900 travel backpack

SwissGear trevel gear 1900 travel backpackWater resistant: No

Top feature: TSA friendly

Rating: 4.6/5

The swiss gear is a well-known brand that deals with the manufacture of top backpacks whose quality is undeniably great. The Swiss gear travel gear bag is a great option for individuals who mainly travel by air as it is TSA friendly and does not take much time on the checkpoint since it opens up easily making it easy for security personnel to go through the content of the bag. The shoulder straps are breathable and padded for maximum comfort. They are designed in such a way that gives you an easy time while at the same time ensuring maximum comfort. There are various compartments including a water bottle compartment that gives the user an opportunity to have their favorite drink and remain hydrated all day long. A travel bag should be spacious enough to give enough room for the storage of what is important to the user. The main compartment is large enough to hold a 17-inch laptop and can thus hold more of your personal items. The Swiss gear backpack is a great option for people who want something unique that can serve them right on their travel venture.

OutdoorMaster travel backpack

OutdoorMaster travel backpackWater resistant: Yes

Top feature: waterproof rain cover

Rating: 4.4/5

The outdoor master is a great backpack for people who may want something colorful and comfortable for any of their trips. The bag comes with amazing features that makes it a good travel backpack. Some of the top features that you get include a free water proof rain cover that protects the content of the backpack and prevents water from getting through to the bag. There is a wide variety of uses that the bag can be put to and as such does not limit the form of travel that which you may want to engage in. comfort is key and very important with all form of travel since it gives you an easy time when you are navigating through the streets the Outdoor master comes with a comfortable back panel that is fully ventilated and one that is comfortable and easy on the back you also get padded shoulder straps which eases the pressure on the shoulders giving the user a smooth time with the back. There are plenty of pockets and compartment that you get with allowing you to organize your items easily and in an easy to remember manner. The variety of colors that comes with the model allow the users to select their favorite colors which they are most comfortable with.

Deuter Transit 50 travel backpack

Deuter Transit 50 travel backpackWater resistant: Yes

Top feature: removable small backpak

Rating: 4.5/5

A heavy traveler may want to consider the Deuter Transit 50 as it offers a lot of space for storing everything that may be needed while you are travelling. The design is really catchy considering the amount of items that can be packed inside the bag. The Deuter Transit 50 comes with multiple zippers that are large to store items such as your shoes. Heavy travelers should highly consider this backpack as it can sustain them for days to weeks on the road. You don’t have to worry about bearing a lot of weight as it comes with stabilizing straps that manage to distribute the weight throughout the whole body. There are numerous external pockets that are important when it comes to storing some of the stuff that you may constantly need when traveling. The pockets can hold some of the small things such as the keys a smartphone, a compass etc. there is a small removable backpack that you get and which can be used on a day to day basis when you don’t have lots of stuff to carry. The shoulder straps come with a breathable mesh with padding to give you comfort and an easy time with the luggage that you may be carrying. The design allows it to be used for various activities since it is a multi-purpose backpack.

Deuter Transit 65  backpack

Deuter Transit 65 backpackWater resistant: Yes

Top feature: large storage capacity

Rating: 4.2/5

Unlike Deuter Transit 50, the Deuter transit 65 is larger in size and slightly different in the design. The most outstanding feature that may likely be noticed is the fact that it is larger in size and that it comes with numerous features that makes it accommodate a larger load. The bag is ideal for a long travel that may require you to carry lots of stuff. The shoulder straps are padded and comfortable giving the user a lot of comfort. The bag is large and can accommodate a lot of luggage including a sleeping bag which is harbored on the external bottom compartment. The backpack is water resistant and can thus keep moisture and water away from the content of the bag in the event that you get caught in the rain. The bag can be taken on a trip to the whole world including Europe. The best thing with this pack is that you get to enjoy a great carry on bag that can be used on most airplanes. You get a reliable and detachable bag that can be used as a daypack this means that you can always leave the larger bag in your room as you navigate through the city with the smaller backpack. Deuter 65 is an amazing bag for backpackers who are out to enjoy travelling all over the world.

Kelty women redwing 65 backpack

Kelty women redwing 65 backpackWater resistant: Yes

Top feature: Comfortable form design

Rating: 4.5/5

The kelty brand has been in the business of giving people travelling solutions as far as backpacks are concerned. Their products focuses on the internal frame which aids in weigh distribution all over the body. Both men and women can get something from the wide range of travelling packs provided by this brand. The Kelty Women Redwing is a popular model that offers the best time while you are on the road. It has a small structure but holds so much and we know too well that women want a bag that can carry everything that is important to them without leaving anything behind. The backpack comes with various compartments that keep you organized during all your traveling days. Comfort is key in any pack irrespective of the use it is put to, Kelty Redwing has shoulder straps, a hip belt and a chest strap which are all adjustable. It happens to be a great choice backpack for women who are travelling. Itqualifies as a carry on type that can be allowed in most of the airlines.

Osprey Farpoint 40 travel backpack

Osprey Farpoint 40 travel backpackWater resistant: Yes

Top feature: Durable and high quality fabric

Rating: 4.7/5

Osprey is one of the leading brands when it comes to making exceptional backpacks that are ideal for both men and women. Osprey Farpoint 40L capacity is perfect for women as it is not as heavy as the 55L capacity. You can fit all the weight you want on the Osprey backpack and it will still feel light on your back.  Some of its outstanding features include, both exterior and interior zippers that are designed to hold most of the items that may be needed in your travel expedition. The zippers provide the security you will be needed while keeping all your items intact. Osprey bags have an internal frame that distributes the weight of the pack evenly resulting in comfort.  I will not forget to mention the fact that the bag has padded straps which go easy on your shoulders ensuring you don’t get injuries that are associated with thin straps. You can settle for the 40L capacity or the 55L capacity depending on the luggage you may be having. The most interesting fact with the bag is that it can fit in the overhead storage facilities in planes, trains etc. You should get this backpack and enjoy comfort and ease while travelling. This is the ideal backpack for any form of travel you may want to engage in including long distant travels as it accommodates diverse uses making it the backpack brand that you should consider any time you are planning to travel.


Best laptop bags for travel

Whether you are on a business travel or for leisure, you may need to carry along your laptop. This means that the travel backpack that you buy should comfortably accommodate your laptop. You don’t need to stack your laptop together with other travelling items that you may be carrying along. It is thus crucial to go for a bag that has a specific compartment that is designated for a laptop. Most Osprey backpacks are perfect for ferrying your laptop as they offer compartments that can fit a laptop. Another bag that you can consider if not going for a long travel may be the Timbuk2 backpack. It is smaller in size and can accommodate the laptop as well as a few items that you may pack for the trip. The only downside of this bag is that it cannot support a traveler planning to spend a few weeks away from home. A laptop is among some of the possession that you may not want to lose to pickpockets or street thugs. A pack that offers the general security will do for your laptop as well as any other electronics that you may want to carry along. Don’t forget to get a TSA friendly backpack; it saves the time that you would otherwise spend at checkpoints.

Best travel backpacks for Europe

Air travel requires backpacks that don’t give you a hard time when offloading, loading or even when you are at the checkpoint. Whether you are travelling to Europe or any other country, you will need a pack that can play the part while giving you an easy time. You realize that when travelling to Europe or other busy continents, you will need to get one that can cope with busy streets, constant movement, and one that can avoid pickpockets not forgetting that you will need to have one that is within airline luggage regulations. The Outbreaker Tortuga travel is a pack that can give you the best time when travelling to Europe. It has an excellent security assurance with the lockable zippers that keep pickpockets and petty thieves away. This makes it easy for you to navigate through the busy streets of Europe without having to worry about the safety of what is in your bag. Carrying a Laptop on your trip to Europe is not an issue with the outbreaker backpack, it can accommodate a laptop of up to 17 inches.  This giant boasts of a padded hip belt that shifts the weight from the shoulders to the hips making it more comfortable to carry around. With the outbreaker, you get to enjoy compartments that are lockable and which can be used in storing some of your valued luggage and which help you in organizing your items in a better way. Travelling to Europe does not have to be another hectic trip that drains all your energy but one that you enjoy all through only if you have a good backpack as a companion.

Best travel backpacks for women

You realize that most backpacks are designed and created and perfected for men. This makes it difficult for a woman to pick the best backpack for her travelling ventures. The good news is that there are models and brands that specifically designed for women. The REI vagabond tour 40L is perfect for travelling. Women who are concerned about how their backpacks look on them will find the REI vagabond a wonderful companion while on the road. Apart5 from the looks, the bag boasts of compartments that makes packing easy as well. It also has a water proof section that protects your documents in case you get caught by the rain without an umbrella. Women love comfort and the REI Vagabond offers that with the padded straps that it comes with. Most women have found it to be a great companion while travelling.

We can now agree on the fact that to hit the road, you will need a good travel backpack. Selecting among the many in the market may be quite hectic and you may end up being more confused that you were when beginning your search. It is important to note a few things before travelling such as the number of days the travel will take, the items that you may need to carry and the likely places that you may be visiting while you are travelling. This, may give you an idea of the backpack that you will buy. The budget is also a serious consideration that should be taken as you don’t want to either go over what you can afford. With this you will be good to go and may not make a mistake in settling for a backpack of your choice.