The 8 Best Backpacks For Work Of 2017

Buying Guide and Advice

Going to work is not just about having a stylish outfit that looks the part. It involves having the right accessories and items that complement the whole look. There is so much that you can move from home to your office and vice-versa. A backpack that can accommodate all your documents and other items such as your laptop should be your favorite companion. An ideal backpack distributes the weight all over the body making the weight more bearable and comfortable irrespective of the material inside the pack.

There are various considerations that ought to be made before any purchase is made on a backpack. It is important to know what you would like to use your backpack for; this informs you on the size of the backpack. You also get an idea of the number of compartments you may need in your backpack, You don’t need to get the things in your pack all tangled up as this makes it hard even to find even the basic items which you may want to have easy access to. There is so much in the market at the moment, and it becomes almost impossible to get a bag you can completely have confidence in. I will guide you through a number of backpacks that you can settle for, and that can give you the best service for as long as you use them.

Working women have a lot to deal with in their day to day ordeals, and they sometimes have to carry work home. Getting a professional yet stylish backpack can at times be hard making women settle for less. This does not have to be the case as there are a number of packs that females can settle for while maintaining the feminine aspect with the bags. Women are lucky as they can always get away with unisex bags that are appropriate for them just as they are for men. Stylish women will settle for packs that have a feminine touch on them ranging from the design, the colors and the general make. The backpacks listed below focus on what men and women may need as they commute to work on a daily basis.

Lapacker Work backpack

Top feature: padded laptop compartment

Water resistant: Yes

Ratings: 4.5/5

This is a perfect pack for people who have to carry their stuff to and from their workplaces. It accommodates lots of what you may need for your office as well as your laptop. Some of the unique features that this bag gives to you is the fact that it has a hidden compartment for your laptop. The bag comes with various sections that accommodate most of the cables which you may have. These compartments offer the adequate storage space for any work related material that you may have. The straps are quite comfortable and putting it on and off is almost effortless. The laptop compartment is padded to provide a shock absorbent feature which ensures that the laptop is fully protected from any accidental impact that it may get. The bag is quite comfortable with a padded back panel that gives you the support that may be needed in the event that the bag will be used on a daily basis. There are several compartments that come in handy for the sake of organizing all the items that may be required on a day to day basis. This is the perfect backpack for anyone that may be looking to get a great work backpack to be used on a day to day basis.

Herschel supply co Work backpack

Top feature: Magnetic strap closure

Water resistant: Yes

Ratings: 4.5/5

If you are looking for something that will take you through work on every day of the week and still manage to look stylish then the Herschel Supply Co is an option worth considering. The model is designed to fit an everyday office person as well as a person who commutes to work every single day.  The backpack has numerous compartments both on the interior and the exterior part. These pockets are great when it comes to arranging your items in an organized manner.  The Herschel backpack comes with magnetic strap closures which offer better security than zippers used in most bags. There is an internal media pocket with a headphone port that allows the user to listen to their favorite music while going to day’s hustle to beat the boredom that would otherwise be experienced. Backpacks used for work purposes are used on a daily basis and may tend to get dirty due to constant use. This is one of the easiest bag to clean since a dump piece of cloth will do the magic and give you a super clean backpack. Both men and women will find this pack quite useful since it is designed with a unisex outlook.



Incase City Work backpack

Top feature: The bag is spacious

Water resistant: Yes

Ratings: 4.4/5

The incase icon is the best backpack that would come in handy for people whose work involve lots of traveling. It is probably one of the most perfect backpacks that you will ever come across for your office work. Everything from the design to the quality of the fabric is amazing. It is one of the few packs that go beyond your day to day office business. You can use for a one-day travel as it is a great companion on the road. This brand invests in making models that have numerous compartments to help you keep your items in a more organized and easy to retrieve manner. The colors are very ideal for both official and casual uses and as such not limited when it comes to its functioning. It can accommodate a 17 inch MacBook which is commendable for a bag that has remained stylish and one that is clearly unique from what you often come across in the market. The space that you get with the bag is quite large and can allow you to store up most of the items you may want to take with you without having to leave anything behind. The bag is comfortable with adjustable shoulder straps to fit people with different heights as well as different sizes. This bag gives people the freedom to carry their important items such as your laptop or your phone.

Rawrow Work backpack

Top feature: it is a light weight bag

Water resistant: Yes

Ratings: 4.5/5

Rawrow is a backpack that offers a wide range of features that are important for the working person. The pack can be used for work purposes and especially for carrying laptops. Unlike most packs that are wide, Rawrow incorporates a slim design in all its bags that allows it to portray a stylish and a more professional look. The slim frame of the back does not mean that it does not incorporate compartments for storing your items. The internal part is made of various compartments that allow you to keep most of the things that you may have including, your laptop charger, your phone, keys and any other documents that you may have. The Rawrow packs come in stylish straps that give you the freedom of carrying the bag as a backpack, a briefcase or even as a messenger bag. The water resistant capability is important in the event that one may get caught in the rain and without their umbrella. The backpack can survives a few minutes on the rain but the water may sip in through the zippers and damage the items inside.

Archer brighton work backpack

Top feature: TSA friendly

Water resistant: Yes

Ratings: 4.3/5

This is a perfect pack for people who have to carry their stuff to and from their workplaces. It accommodates lots of what you may need for your office as well as your laptop. Some of the unique features that this bag gives to you is the fact that it has a hidden compartment for your laptop. The bag comes with various sections that accommodate most of the cables that you may have. These compartments offer the adequate storage space for any work related material that you may have. The straps are quite comfortable and putting it on and off is almost effortless. Archer Brighton is a stylish backpack that break the norm that a work backpack cannot be used for work purposes and still look good. The backpack can accommodate a laptop of up to 15 inches which is god enough for most individuals.  It is TSA friendly and the user does not get a hard time whenever they are passing through a security check in the airport since the content of the backpack are easily visible. You may want to check with the airline you are travelling in to ensure that the pack is acceptable through the airport.



Kopack Business Work backpack

Top feature: Dedicated smartphone compartment

Water resistant: Yes

Ratings: 4.6/5

Kopack is the best bag for people who appreciate technology and would like to make it part of their lives on a daily basis. The bag has close to ten compartments that allow you to pack all your staff in an organized manner making it the ideal bag for work. It can also be used for other purposes including a day travel or even a business trip. The bag has a padded layer that provides shock absorbing services which protect gadgets in your bag including your laptop. To top all that up, the bag has anti-theft features with the zipper that makes it impossible for pick pockets to steal from you. The best part is that the bag glows in the dark which is quite important when you are walking on a dark night from work. Here are three colors to choose from depending on your preference and you can be certain that you settle for the backpack that fulfills your desire for a best backpack.


Mancro Work backpack

Top feature: Multiple compartments

Water resistant: Yes

Ratings: 4.7/5

This is yet another tech backpack that you can settle for if you are looking for the best work backpack.  The bag is able to hold most of the office equipment such as a laptop, cables, phones, keys, etc. this is made possible by the various compartments in the bag. What makes this bag tick is the fact that it comes with an external USB with a built-in charging cable which enables your phone to stay on even when you are away from the office or away from home. The backpack is made of a durable material that retains the bag looking new for many years to come. There are numerous and spacious compartments that can fit your clothes in the event that you are attending a two-day business related work and you want to rake some clothes with you for changing. This tells you that the bag is spacious but still serve its purpose as a work backpack. For security purposes, you get a proof combination lock which keeps off pick pockets and keeps the content inside the bag. This is an amazing feature since you may not always have to worry about the content inside your bag each minute.


Timbuk2 uptown Work backpack

Top feature: Multiple compartments

Water resistant: TSA friendly

Ratings: 4.5/5

This is one of the laptop bags that individuals can make use of whether it’s for work purpose or personal use. The bag comes with a padded compartment that is designated for a laptop. There are other compartments which can store all your chargers as well as other cables that you may need. The straps are also padded and comfortable on your shoulders. The coolest thing about this bag is that it is designed in a way that makes it easy to access the laptop without having to take the bag off. Timbuk2 laptop bag is ideal for all your work related activities that you may want to carry out as it supports a laptop up to 15 inches. The bag is TSA friendly and as such allows you to get an easy time when navigating through the airport security system. It is also large enough to accommodate your work necessities as well as a jacket or an extra piece of clothing that may be needed in case you have to travel for a day. The bag is deal for both male and female users since the design is not biased.



How to settle for a good laptop work bag

Whether you are a professional or an ordinary guy trying to work your way up the ladder of your career, you will definitely need the best backpack to carry your laptop with. The dawn of laptops has transformed most office environments with most employees having to carry out most of their works with computers. Taking some of it home is almost inevitable in the present day. You will need a great pack if you are among the people who take work home or carry their laptops for other reasons. The ideal laptop bag should have compartments that can accommodate the laptop, the charger, and other cables that you use along with your PC. The compartments are very important as they avoid unnecessary tangling of all your cables and it is hectic trying to undo the whole mess. A laptop backpack should also be waterproof; you don’t want to get caught in the rain and end up spoiling all your office documents. Some of the bags that you should consider this season include;

Top features to consider when buying a work backpack

Before settling for a the best work backpack that you will be using for commuting to work each single day there are various factors that should be highly regarded in order to ensure that you settle for the right bag that has everything you may need for your day to day activity. Some of the features that should not miss in your choice backpack include;

  • Pockets and compartments

The best work backpack should come with a compartment that is mainly designated for a laptop. It is important that the compartment should be large enough to accommodate a laptop since there are chances that a laptop is one the items that is important for official or non-official purpose. You may also require other compartments to hold your files, documents and other stationery that may be important for and which you may need during the day. The compartments should be spacious to make it possible for anyone to carry enough tools for their jobs each day. Zippered compartments are important for individuals who need extra security for their property since great zippers keep off pick pockets and petty thieves away from your backpack content.

  • Comfort

A comfortable backpack is a necessity for people who commute to each day. there are a lot of items that one may need to carry to work and doing so each day with an uncomfortable backpack may end up giving you injuries rather than serving you the way it is intended to. In the event that you may need a work bag for each day’s use, then some of the features that should not be ignored include; a padded and breathable back panel that eases the pressure from your back while at the same time enhancing air circulation which reduces sweating on a hot day and gives you comfort. You may also need to settle for a backpack that comes with padded shoulder straps that also reduces the pressure from your back while at the same time prevents your shoulders from getting injuries that occur from thin shoulder straps which may be quite uncomfortable.

  • Style & Design

This may sound unimportant but is of much importance like the features listed above. The best packs should come in a style and a design that reflects a more serious outlook than any other backpack. This simply means that the choice colors of a backpack meant for work should reflect a more serious color tone. The bag should be designed in such a way that it reflects the type of vocation that you engage in and one which clearly shouts out that it means serious business. You may want to stay away from backpacks that comes in shouting colors and those which have a fancy design since they look more casual than official at the end of the day, what matters is a bag that that gives you confidence.



Backpacks for work are increasingly becoming popular in this present day when work is not limited to a particular place or area. Getting the right pack keeps you going each day so long as you get a stylish one that has a touch of professionalism. People commute on a day to day basis to and one of the important thing to them is that they have a backpack that guarantees comfort and efficiency. No one can afford having a poor quality bag for their day to day use since this may turn to be a disaster for them or give them the worst experience as far as their work is concerned. Backpacks have evolved in the last few years and now offer more than just ferrying items from one place to the other. Tech people want something more that will keep them going while going to the office or even heading home after a busy day. Get to choose the most appropriate bag depending on the type of work that you do as well as the size of the backpack that you may need. Select one of the many backpacks here and you will be good to go whether you have to commute to each day.