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Best Backpack For Business: A Buyers Guide And Review


When thinking about making a good choice of the best business backpack it is crucial that you understand a few things. Some of such are the need to replace the drab looking briefcases and somewhat funny-looking duffle bags with a more professional looking business backpack. You don’t want to walk into an office with a funny looking sack behind your back and you obviously don’t want to live your home with far less than you will really need for a business.

Furthermore, on getting the best office backpack, you need to also know that you will be commuting on the bus to your office. You will jump in the cab and walk though crowdy public places. All these are things to be considered when you need to make a good choice for a work backpack that meets your very needs.

In a nutshell, you need to consider a whole lot of things that are “outside” the office when you are looking to pick the best brand of backpack for business use.

Let’s take a look at you hopping through the pack. You are going to be faced with some water-logged pits that can get water splashed on your bag while commuting.

Having pointed this out, let’s consider in detail the things you need to look at when making a choice of the best backpack for the workplace.

Choosing The Best Backpack For Business: How And Why

Best Business Backpack

Getting a backpack for professional use is a bit different from opting for any other type of backpack. This is because the stakes are higher when picking the best backpack for business. Things that may appear as trivialities such as color choice and inner pouches and pocket designs are important to giving you the best experience in professional business backpacks. Let’s take a cursory look at a few of the features to look out for when looking to buy a good backpack for business.

 Color Options: Ok, so you want to choose the best backpack for business and you want to start with the color? Well, when in doubt about the best color to go for, cold colors are the best. So, that leaves you with the option of Black or Grey. Although most backpacks come in bold and solid colors, some break the border and have some rather hot colors.

You want to consider the colors that will not appear odd when worn on your everyday office wear colors. You don’t want to come across like rainbow walking into the office complex. Also, you need to consider the color match before you take into cognizance the fashion appeal of the best office backpack of choice.

Storage and Pouches: Since you will be needing the best backpack for business that you can get, it is quite crucial that you get one that can carry all the things you need and have them readily accessible when you need them.

Yes, it is one thing to have a backpack that can store everything you need and it is entirely a different thing to get one that can have your belongings readily accessible when you need them. That is the obvious difference between a duffel and the best office backpack.

Some backpacks are designed to have hollow spaces where you just throw all the devices in them. Some others are designed to accommodate your laptop and a few other things. But that is not what you are looking for in the best business backpack.

The best business backpack should have designated pouches for your laptop and then a well-designed inner strap to hold your cords and cables in place rightly. Also, there need to be the specific pouches that hold crucial element for use in the office. I am talking about pouches to store things like your charger, media players, pen and pencils, adapters, iPads, and iPods etc. Just be sure to factor in everything that you will need in the office and be sure that your backpack of choice can hold it all.

Straps, Clips, and Buckles: I don’t care if your choice office backpack has the best padding technology or is very upright in design. If it doesn’t have the most comfortable straps and buckle, it will be a Herculean task for you to haul it around.

Given the fact that you will need to carry this backpack around every day for five days in the week, it is crucial that you consider a work backpack that has the best strap, clips, and buckles design that will allow you the best level of comfort when carrying your office backpack.

Having said this, you will need to look out for the office backpack with the best sets of straps and buckle so that you can adjust them to suit your needs per time. Rigid straps and buckles make it less comfortable for you to carry your luggage around when your bag content changes.

Waterproof and Abrasion Resistant: because you will need to carry your laptop and other electronics in the ideal backpack for business, it is crucial that you get ones that are waterproof. Does this strike you like ‘out-of-place’? well, you know you may be carrying a water bottle or coffee in a flask to the office. You may also be taking the bag with you to the café after work.

All these are instances where you really need to have a waterproof bag. You don’t want a spill ruining all the electronics and sundry things in your bag. To err, they say, is human. So, you are best to have a good level of insurance in the form of a waterproof bag.

Price Consideration In Choosing The Best Business Backpack

Like the popular saying, nothing good comes cheap and this is very true even with backpacks. Also, it is common to say that you cannot put a cap on the price of a good thing. So, you can get a good business backpack for as low as $45.

However, you should consider that you may not a genuine leather bag for that amount. A good office backpack that will fall within this range should be made of nylon and somewhat waterproof qualities.

To get a good business backpack that comes in genuine leather and has all the great features that make the best business backpack, you will need to clock in your bill at $100 and above. All-in-all, you need to cap your cost based on how much the bag fit your need and your budget.

Top 5 Best Business Backpack Review

First Runner-Up: Incase Icon Pack

Best Business Backpack

Based on popular opinion and analytics from Incase, Icon has been adjudged as the best bag in their collection of backpacks. To a large extent, I agree with this and I believe that it is particularly fitting as a business backpack. To cut the long story short, Icon backpack from Incase can be ascertained as the most custom-made office backpack. With this consideration, there is bias in adjudging it as the number one best business backpack.

Although this bag will not be the first choice for everybody who is searching for a backpack, it will be of instant interest to the techy person who knows what she/he wants. To go deep into a review of this Icon Pack, it is designed to carry a 15-inch laptop device. It has a separate pouch that keeps your laptop well protected from scratch when in your backpack.

Aside from your laptop, there is enough room for other things like your iPad or Tablet and smartphone. Moving on, let’s look at the Pros and the Cons of this bag.

  • Superbly-styled pocketing design for safety of device and gears
  • Custom-designed for work and to carry other sundry gears for everyday use
  • Crafted with proper padding for comfortable carriage and protection of its contents

  • Has limited pouches


Measurement: 19-inch Length by 13-inch Width by 9-inch Depth

Capacity: The Icon can contain some 20 liters

Weight: 2.7lbs or 1.2 kg

Materials: 840 Denier Nylon

Second Runner-Up: QWSTION Office Bag

Best Business Backpack

For the best of experience in office backpack, there is supposed to be room for versatility and flexibility. This is because of the need to remain creative and innovative at every moment of the day. So, this bag is not just another example of the best business backpack, it is the perfect reference for an office backpack that will bring out the best in you.

Here is why that is true of the Qwstion Office Bag: it is aptly named an ‘Office Bag’ because it is versatile enough to be converted from a shoulder carrying angle to a back-strap carrying angle. By so doing, you can literally take your business with you everywhere you need to go without any hassle.

The bag is crafted with a separate quick-access pouch for your laptop and a few other office needs such that you won’t need to rummage through all the ‘things’ in your bag to get set at work.

Beside this quick-access area, the Qwstion Office Bag has other spaces that come in handy for safely and appropriately storing all that you will need in the office. This is not the juicy part of the deal. The bag has just enough interior pouches and pockets for you to carefully tuck away all your needs. It just does not put your things out there.  From documents to files and anything, you can count on this one to do the magic.

  • Designed with a modest outlook that is best for office use
  • Can be used for office and quick-travel needs
  • Water-proof
  • Multiple carriage options (pull, shoulder and back carrying options)

  • Looks rather flabby when not filled


Measurements: 43 cm length by 30 cm width by 12 cm depth

Capacity: 15.5 L

Weight: 1.2kg

Material: 100% cotton canvas

Third Runner-Up: Lexdray Tokyo Pack

Best Business Backpack

If what you want in the best work backpack is something of modest design and not elaborate labels, then I give you the Lexdray Tokyo Pack. Made from high-grade fleece-lined drawstring material, the impressive look and feel of the Lexdray make it rank conveniently on the list of the best business backpack.

Further in the inspection of this bag, it revealed an all-weathered design that makes it suit rain or shine.  Beside the high-grade exterior design, it has an interior made of rip-stop nylon so that your office stationeries does not cause havoc to the interior. Now tell me if that is not another valid example if a custom-made bag for office use?

Above all, this bag comes with multiple compartments that allow you to keep all your files and stuff in the appropriate places without having to look for them.  You will agree that it gets very frustrating and energy draining to search around every time for basic things. So, this bag makes work life easier for you.


  • Multiple compartments for detailed storage
  • Inner and outer protection
  • Exquisite design
  • Great design and construction


  • Rather heavy
  • Appears bulky


Measurements: 12-inch Width by 20 inch Height by 5.5-inch Depth

Capacity: 22 L

Weight: 3.5 lbs.

Material: 1680 Denier ballistic nylon

Fourth Runner-Up: QWSTION Daypack

Best Business Backpack

When I met the Qwstion Daypack bag, I had no doubt in my mind that it will make it into the top 10 list of the best business backpack. The reason for this conviction was obvious from the get-go. I believe you will get that resolution too when you meet it.

First, the bag is a uniquely designed office backpack that is graceful in appearance and effective in bagging. It is designed to have a two-way zipper system that makes life comfortable reaching for things in your bag.

The Qwstion Daypack comes with very durable external and internal materials that makes it good for your items to be secured.

It comes with detachable handles that are positioned at the top and the side of the bag. With this, you know that you can carry it on your back or by hand when the need arises. I believe that by now, you should know that the Qwstion brand is known for its convertible style of bagging designs and the Daypack is no exception.

  • Multiple material options available
  • Convertible style bag: handheld and back-carriage option
  • Internal and external protective material

  • Relatively saggy in outlook


Materials: Multiple options available

Weight: 0.95kg

Volume: 14L

Dimension: 42cm by 29cm by 12cm

Fifth Runner-Up: Killerspencer Special Ops 3.0

Best Business Backpack

From the outset, this bag has a rugged military-themed outlook that is garnished with style and features of a modern day geek. If this is not what you want as the best business backpack, then you need to think again. Here is one reason why you want to make the KillSpencer Special Ops 3.0 your choice work backpack: it is strong enough to withstand the roughness of your daily commute and it features all the needed compartment to store everything you will ever need at work.

Other additional information that makes this bag endearing is the introduction of waterproof zipper style that ensures that the things in your bag are safe. There is also the presence of a new pouch that can hold your iPad or tablet, a pocket to store your files and folders or any book that you need to take along to the office.

For safe strapping and firm grip, it has some high-grade buckle and strap, sturdy bullhide handle for good grip and carriage. Then there is the great nylon webbing that the outer is made of. In a nutshell, the KillSpencer Special Ops 3.0.

There is variety to this bag. It comes in leather and canvas options. So that you can choose any of which suit your bagging needs.

If you fancy all the features I have outlined above and feel you want to get this backpack, I need to give you a caveat. It is damn right expensive when compared to other bags. This price should not scare you off though. The bag is very sexy and fitting for whatever you will need it for.

  • Very stylish and fanciful to carry
  • Well design pockets and pouches for specific items
  • Fanciful color options
  • Good material
  • Quite on the expensive side for a regular buyer


Dimension: 1-inch Length by 17-inch Width by 4.5-inch depth

Weight: 1.5 lbs. and 2.5 lbs. for canvas and leather respectively

Material: full grain leather or high-grade water repellent army duck canvas


There are different criteria and qualities that can elevate a bag to the status of the best business backpack. Chief among such criteria are the design, the material, the interior design and pouches, strap technology etc.

All the backpacks that made to our review list here have scored above 70 in each of the listed factors and criteria to be eligible for review at all. So if you are looking for making a purchase choice, any of the above-listed bags will suit your utility needs and fancy specs. Have a great work backpack experience.