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Top Seven Best Backpack For Men: A Review And Buyers Guide



Since men usually have more build compared to women, it just makes sense that men have their own type of backpacks. Now, that is not the point I am contending for. Actually, the point is to find the best backpack for men in the pool of bags that fill the market today.

Getting the best backpack for guys is not a thing that is limited to guys since our spouses can get us one as birthday gifts. So, when scouting for the best choice of backpack for men, some factors rank top. As men, we tend to want to carry everything we need. But only less than all that a woman will want or actually need to carry. So, for men, the backpack is not just any other bag. It is a mobile base that houses everything we need and houses them in the right places.

But the difference is that if we do not carry the essential things, it can make or mar our everyday performance. One thing to consider is a backpack that cuts back all the ‘not-so-useful’ excesses like too many pouches, extravagant bodily designs, the multiplicity of straps, the simplicity of color, etc.

In a nutshell, I am talking about a backpack that will factor in exactly all the things that a man will need in a backpack. A simple yet versatile backpack that will work for your office, schooling and traveling needs. Now, that is what I call the best backpack for men.

In this review, I will be showcasing seven (7) of the best backpack for men out there that have met and surpassed, in some cases, the criteria of strict relevancy of design and features. Let’s take a look at them together.

Top Seven Best Backpack For Men

Herschel Little America Backpack

Best Backpack For Men

The Herschel Little America is a simple and stylish backpack for men that can be said to be inspired by a rugged mountaineering or hiking need. But the cool thing is that it actually fits well as an office utility backpack too. This versatility is one of the chief reason why it appears on our list of the best backpack for men.

The strong and rugged outlook of this bag gives it the perfect look and feel of masculinity that is required to fit the use of men. Further, I believe that most guys fancy it because of the ease-of-use it offers. To access the bag itself, there is a belt buckle-style flip that is opened by a quick -access snap magnet. To undo this, all you need do is pull.

You can see that the quick-access styled buckle makes it easier for you to reach your items without a fuss, but can throw-off the pick-pocket who wants to get a quick access to your belongings.

Manufactured with some thick nylon that makes it very durable from the outside and from the inside, the Herschel Little America is a rugged and durable bag that is easy to access as it is easy to clean.

Nocturnal Workshop Navy N.4 Backpack

Best Backpack For Men

There is no denying that everything masculine need to have a touch of toughness to it. It becomes an additional benefit if that can be achieved with a touch of style. The Navy backpack by Nocturnal Workshop is exactly a personification of that quality. That is why it made it to our list of the best backpack for men.

Crafted with some highly durable nylon exterior and some sleek and simple design, this bag wraps simplicity and toughness into a friendly backpack that any man will love. On the whole, it has a 3M reflective nylon outer film that can make it reflective in case you desire that. The YKK zipper that is positioned to the far right of the bag provides a quick access to your items.

In the interior is a robust laptop pocket that can allow you use this bag for office use, as a travel pack or for hiking. It can literally work well for everything a man will need a backpack for.

This bag is also designed with the tech enthusiast in mind, hence the creation of big space to house your accessories, cords and cables and laptop too. It has a laminated YK zipper that is durable and strong. Then there is the ballistic nylon that is good enough to protect the items in the bag. This is your perfect go-to backpack as a man if what you need is sophisticated and very fresh to behold

Rawrow 3 Way Bag 113

Best Backpack For Men

Men are known for simplicity in their every outfit and the same is true for the kind of bag that we fancy. To this end, I give you the Rawrow 3 Way Bag 113. It is a perfectly crafted bag that has a very effective simplicity in outlook and a very durable material.

As simple as it looks, this bag has one of the most rugged and durable materials you can find in a backpack. It is large enough to hold all that you will ever need to go out with. Whether you are using the Rawrow for a business/office purpose or for a hiking or cycling purpose, you will find it versatile enough to suit your purpose.

On the overall, the water-repellent and breathable feature of the backpack makes it a top choice pick for most of the use that a guy may need it for. It can conveniently take in a 15 inches’ laptop while still have room for other things like your cloth and maybe a mini camera in case you want to take it for travel purpose.

Mt. Rainier Design Original Daypack

Best Backpack For Men

This Mt. Rainier vintage backpack will redefine how you see the men’s backpack right from the first sighting and straight into your first encounter. The design was inspired by the idea of mountaineering and as such, it is a fitting back for all kind of use. Do not mistake it simple look for a weak backpack. It is very well fitted for the most rugged use.

Yes, the name expressly put it as a mountaineering backpack and it is good for doing just that, but it can do way more. Because of the very spacious feature of this bag, it has room for multi-purpose use. You can stack in all you will need for a two-day trip – whether it is a tour trip or a site-seeing trip.

The bag is well detailed with durable leather for a fine and effective outlook that makes it endearing to use. Aside from the big interior, there is an outer compartment that can come in handy when you need to carry some extra stuff.

For the convenience of carriage, the bag has a good network of adjustable straps that can make it suit your body frame and size. so, if what you are looking for is a simple yet effective backpack for men that can deliver on multiple uses, then this is your choice pick.

Bellroy Slim Backpack

Best Backpack For Men

The best backpack for men needs to be quite ingenious in design as well as features, hence, this one made it to our list of the choice backpack for male use. The Bellroy Slim Backpack is slim and yet spacious. That sounds like an oxymoron right? Just wait till you meet it then you can tell us what you think.

As per the ingenuity of its design, this backpack has a rather unusual closure: fold-over closure flap with a magnetic strap to hold it in place. Now, this is stylish and ingenious because it makes you stand out in the pack.

It has a dedicated laptop holder space and a closet to slid in your documents and other office relevancies like your pen and pencils, sunglasses, cables, and chargers etc.

Just because we all need to quickly access some things at times, the Bellroy Slim Backpack has an external access pocket where you can conveniently keep your phone, keys and any other thing that you will need quickly.

Goruck GR1 Backpack

Best Backpack For Men

Masculinity has its inherent toughness and that shows in most things men. The same goes for the Goruck GR1 men’s backpack. It has a very clear and conspicuous military look and feel about it that makes it a good choice for your travels and everyday use.

As military folks need to be very conscious about their choice of bag given the difference in terrain they may find themselves, so the producers of the Goruck GR1 have factored in resilience into this bag.

Further, in its design, the GR1 is made with many MOLLE pouches that are intended to house specifics in many areas. MOLLE being Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment is a backpack design style that makes it easier for medics to reach vital tools and kits easily.

Given this need for urgency in mind and the need to carry everything valuable and access them quickly, the Goruck GR1 is a great bag for men.

Tom Bihn Synapse 25      

Best Backpack For Men                       

This bag is exactly what you will need to take around with you everywhere and anywhere and for any use. Don’t take my words for it, just let me break it down for you. This is a bag that has enough space for you to comfortably carry your laptop, extra cables, files and books, one or two cloths and some other little things. Just by this, it is clear that the Tom Bihn Synapse 25 is a one-big-size-fits-all.

It can comfortably work as your office use bag, travel bag and still conveniently be your hiking bag. This here goes to show how great the Tom Bihn Synapse 25 is. Actually, there is more to this bag than directly meets the eyes.

From the get-go, when you meet this bag, it has this great look of style to it that makes it stand out in the pack. Also, it has a rather fine outlook that compliments multiple use choice. This means that it is designed to fit in the casual as well as the corporate life. Whether you have a blazer, jacket or a t-shirt on, you can be rest-assured that this bag will do the magic for you.


Bags for men goes far beyond just finding something to strap behind your back. It defines how we are perceived and to no small extent, it can have a bit of an influence on we carry ourselves. Given this background, it is not out of place that a man should go into the search of his backpack with a keen eye for quality as well as fit. This review is a detailed piece must have given you all the needed details to make that choice