The 8 Best Backpack Cooler

Buying Guide and Advice

Summer is an amazing time where most of us get to get out and enjoy the best time of our lives with family and friends. The downside of the sunny season is that the drinks may get too hot and some of your chilled food may also get warm and this is something that most of us would not want to experience. The only way you will avoid warm drinks and warm food on a sunny afternoon is by selecting the best bag cooler to enjoy chilled foods and drinks. Having cans of cold drinks on the beach or in the woods is something that a majority of people would die to have. Settling for a pack can at times be one of the most challenging ventures than settling for any other backpack. To begin with, there are features that the best  coolers bags should not lack such as having an antileak property. This among many features should not miss out on your list whenever you are settling for one. Below are some of the top bags that are worth considering and that you can settle for, they are selected from a large number of backpacks and have been tested to ensure that they deliver the best as far as keeping your stuff chilled is concerned.

Burton Snake Mountain cooler backpack

Best feature: Unique patterns and print

Leak resistant: Yes

Ratings: 4.1

Looking for a cooler backpack that doubles up as a stylish and yet effective way of preserving your food and drinks? The Burton snake mountain will sure do the trick for you. You get some of the most amazing features that anyone would want to have for any summer activity. To begin with, the bag comes with a padded bottom compartment that is aids in the storage of your camera in the event you may want to take some photos. The bag is pretty large as there is a laptop compartment in the event that you may want to use this bag for office use or even for schooling purposes. This simply means that there are lots of stuff which you can do with this backpack and can thus serve as a multipurpose backpack. The whole pack is not insulated and the cooler compartment is divided and separated from the main compartments. This simply means you get to enjoy a large part of the bag that can be used for other purposes. The bag is highly insulated to keep your drinks and your foodstuff within the right temperature of your choice. Get to enjoy outdoor activities with this amazing brand.


Wacces multipurpose cooler backpack

Best feature: can be used for multiple of outdoor activities

Leak resistant: Yes

Ratings: 4.6

There are many times you wish  you had a bag that could do it all for you when it comes to any of your outdoor activities. The Wacces cooler gives you all that you need in a single package, it is a three in one bag and you get a folding chair, a backpack and a cooler bag which is an amazing bag for outgoing individuals. There is a stitched foil lining that helps in keeping your drinks as well as food chilled for long hours which is exactly what people would need on a hot sunny afternoon. The stuff you keep in the cooler compartments will sure not disappoint you. The compartment is large enough to accommodate lots of your drinks and you can be sure  you are sorted whenever you go out fishing with friends. There are numerous purposes that you can put the pack to such as fishing, hunting, picnics etc. The bottom line is that the cooler bag is stylish and amazing for any outdoor activity. The fabric used in making the bag gives makes it durable and sturdy and you can be sure that it will survive for a few years after you make a purchase.

OAGear ultimate cooler backpack

Best feature: comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps

Leak resistant: Yes

Ratings: 4.5

The OAgear cooler is an amazing bag and you are sure to love if you are into fancy and stylish backpacks for outdoor activities. The bag is capable of holding more than twenty cans ice without any leakage. I bet this is a feature anyone would be interested in. the insulated part is large enough to hold a few bottles of your favourite drinks and you can be certain that the drinks will be as chilled as they were when you were storing them inside your cooler backpack. There are other compartments on the bag that may be used for the storage of some items which you may find important to take along with you. The shoulder straps and the back panel are fully padded to ensure that you get comfortable even when you have to carry lots of drinks and food stuffs. You realize that this backpack is quite unique from what you come across on a daily basis since it is designed with a modern touch that gives it a sense of style and fashion. Both men and women will find the OAgear appropriate for outdoor activity.  An outstanding feature that cannot go unnoticed is the fact that it does not leak even with ice put inside the bag. This simply means that you may not need ice packs.

Tourit cooler backpack

Best feature: it is leak resistant

Leak resistant: Yes

Ratings: 4.3/5

Tourit is a stylish and super smart bag that qualifies for any event in which you would want to put it to. Some of the top features you get include; a leak resistant bag that allows you to have your ice cubes inside the cooler compartment and you will be certain that not a drop of water will get through to other items inside the bag. The compartment keeps your drinks and your food stuffs frozen for over 16 hours meaning this is a bag that you can use for any prolonged activities that involve long hours away from home. The Tourit bag happens to be easy to clean and you don’t even need to worry about using it over and over since you can simply wipe it with a wet cloth and you are good to go. The shoulder straps are built to comfortably fit your body form and the adjustable straps can be adjusted to the size that is most comfortable to the user. There a number of activities that the Tourit  can be put to including, hiking, school, picnic etc. Get to enjoy a number of compartments that to store your food stuff as well as your drinks without having to stuff everything up inside the bag.

Oniva cooler backpack

Best feature: Various compartments

Leak resistant: Yes


Most people would want to spend a day or so outdoors but the main challenge is getting a backpack that is good enough to have their food stuff chilled for most part of the day. There is nothing as challenging as lacking a cold drink on a sunny afternoon when all your body is craving for is a chilled drink. The Picnic cooler backpack is capable of keeping your drinks chilled giving you the benefit of enjoying your outdoor activities normally even when you are away from home. There are various features that makes this bag stand out such as its anti-leak feature that ensures that not a single drop of water gets through the bag which protects other items that are stored inside the bag. It is large enough to hold thirteen cans in the bottom cooler which implies that the user can have enough drinks for them as well as other friends that may be around. Comfort is something that cannot be compromised and the padded shoulder straps that you get ensures that you don’t feel the impact of the load inside the backpack ensuring you have a stress-free hiking or camping day. It is a bag that is great cooler pack which you would want to have on your collection.


Coleman soft backpack cooler

Best feature: Adjustable and comfortable shoulder straps

Leak resistant: Yes           


Coleman cooler backpack is a great option for people looking for good pack for day hike or even a picnic. The bag is large enough to hold 28 cans of your favourite drinks with the guarantee of having them chilled even on a sunny day. It is a lightweight backpack that does not wear you down even after packing all the things that you need to carry with you whenever you are outdoors. A backpack that guarantees comfort and style is one that most people would die to have. It is an easy to clean pack and can be used over and over for as long as you are keeping it clean. The bag does not take long to dry making it the most amazing backpack.  You can use ice and it be sure that even as it melts it will not leak making it the ideal bag for a weekend getaway.  The pack is made with a durable fabric that will not easily rip and one that can give you a prolonged period of use for most of the activities in which you may want to have your ice-cold drinks.

Igloo marine cooler backpack

Best feature: Quality and durable fabric

Leak resistant: Yes

Ratings: 3.8

The igloo marine is a durable and affordable cooler backpack that comes in a combination of a white and a black colour which blends quite well. The bag is large enough to accommodate lots of the drinks that you may need to take with you when you are outdoors. It keeps the food all chilled in the event that you may want to carry some with you. The anti-leak feature that this bag offers keeps the bag wet free during the day meaning that you don’t have to worry about drops of water getting through to the other compartments inside the bag. The bag is large enough but is not built to accommodate heavy loads since it may easily give in to abuse and rip off without serving you like you would want it to. Get it and enjoy having one of the best bags around.


Polar bear eclipse backpack cooler

Best feature: Holds ice for three days

Leak resistant: Yes           


The polar bear is one of the best brands that has specialized in making the best backpack coolers. The eclipse model is a great illustration of this fact since it can hold ice for three days which means that you get to have cold drinks for close to three days which is something that you don’t get in most backpacks. The pack is made of a water-resistant fabric which allows you to enjoy outdoor activities even with slight showers since no drop of water will get through to the backpack. You can use it for intensive outdoor activities such as hiking since it comes with attachment points that can be used to carry more gear that may be important to you. It is a large bag that gives you lots of space to carry most of the drinks that you love. the bag is designed with a high-quality fabric that prevents it from giving in to the pressure when you have a lot of luggage to carry with you. The backpack takes the top position as far as cooler backpacks are concerned since it comes with amazing features that have you covered all through summer.

Considerations to make when buying a backpack cooler

You don’t just walk into a store and buy a pack or even go online to shop for one. These considerations are important since they give you a backpack that is specially made to fit within the range of the needs that you would want to have.

Number of pockets

The number of pockets you get when settling for a backpack will solely depend on the use that the bag will be put to. In the event that you will need more pockets for storing some other items than the foods and the drinks, you may have to settle for a more sophisticated backpack that gives you more pockets for the storage of the extra items that you want to take with you. It is important to put to consideration some of the needs that you may want to be taken care of before making a purchase. Putting this into consideration will help you get it right with your cooler backpack.

Even weight distribution

Some of the best cooler backpacks that you settle for will have sufficient space to carry tons of food and the bag may end up being too heavy. A good one will be in a position to evenly distribute the weight all over your body without putting pressure on your back or your shoulders. There is no problem in carrying lots of food with you, the problem comes in when the load is too heavy for your body to bear. The design of the backpack determines how the weight will be distributed. A backpack cooler with an ergonomic design may serve you quite well when it comes to even weight distribution. This will not only give you comfort but also ensure that you get an easy time with your choice pack.


Comfort should actually come first when it comes to a backpack cooler or any other pack for that matter. Comfort determines the duration you get to stay with your bag and the frequency of use. You can get a comfy pack by ensuring that most of the built in features are good for you. In the event that the user expects to carry lots of food stuff, they should ensure that they get a bag with padded shoulder straps which will work towards protecting your shoulders from any form of injury and will thus give them comfort. A padded and breathable back panel is yet another option that is worth considering since it ensures that the pressure of the load inside does not affect your back. A breathable panel enhances ventilation and reduces the chances of sweating which is most often uncomfortable to the user. A backpack that will be needed for a single day may have simple comfort enhancers to avoid making it a bulky pack.


The size of the backpack cooler you choose to settle for depends on the use of your bag. A pack used to carry foodstuffs for one or two people may be smaller than one that will be used to carry foodstuff for more people. A backpack cooler that is intended for a family is larger since it will have to accommodate lots of things.  Such considerations ensure that you don’t settle for the wrong size and helps you to settle for one that gives you the best to accommodate what is important to you. The duration of your trip is another determining factor of the size of the pack that is settled for. A prolonged hike will most definitely require you to get a larger size than when you are going for day hike.



You can always settle for any backpack but settling for the best backpack cooler is the real deal. The packs above will give you one of the best experiences in any hot day when you want to have a cold drink to sooth away the afternoon heat. You are likely to come across numerous options as you make a selection and getting lost in the packs may not be a good option since you may land on one that comes with tons of disappointed. Considerations of the top features that you are looking for is the beginning of making the right choice since you will likely settle for a pack that comes with a combination of features that will work on your favour. There is no better way of enjoying summer than doing so with a great backpack.